Exploring the new interest in folklore, Modern Myths highlights mythical creatures and figures in a fresh modern way. Taking inspiration from video games, novels, art and design, the trend shows motifs and patterns that reflect the multi-cultural world. masrsala home decor ideas pantone color fo the year 2015 (17)


Colour schemes that remind us of mystery and intrigue, such as Gothic associated purples combined with soft chartreuse. Features include making something out of nothing to create intrigue. native-american-style-bedroom-interior-decor-design-ideas


Cultural designs and motifs which show ancient ways and brought up to-date by using new materials alongside traditional furs and woollens. tumblr_nci7veCz5i1qed13lo1_500


Traditional crafts that typically define mystical ways of living can be incorporated into the overall scheme of the home. 9-mediterranean-style-waterfront-estate

My Real Trade

Find inspiration from fairytale style homes; rustic kitchens that have added elaborate details taking in to the realms of fantasy. 7981e4e89e7074c7dd9f3b1b2db66be3


Furs and wool are used to create an almost animalistic feel. untitled_hdr2-copy

Loczi Design

Birds and animals can be used to let the imagination take flight so to speak, and whisk you off to a magical land. 15f8843d3f0ad3ad94f3060c07b29503


Tassels, faux furs and sensuous purples used in bedrooms create a tranquil room of escapism to mystical and magical places. 17rudnick

El Palacio

Using a tribal theme is a great way to get the Modern Myths look. labyrinth-s011-sp2-12-x-12-split-mosaic-s008-centaur-6-x-12-braid-border

Elevate Your Space

Reflective surfaces that emit light in a mystical way can also be used to bring this year's trend into your home.