With the birth of new machines and the up-cycling of old the Industrial Revolution trend takes use to industrial crafts which see a juxtaposition between digital and analogue. It focuses on, and is inspired by, variable systems, improvisation of forms and design by intuition. Soft fabrics are being used in conjunction with heavy metal frames, giving an organic industrial look. We're talking seriously heavy metal, rubber and other materials that are typically used on an industrial scale. These are accompanied and complimented with finishes inspired by tar, asphalt, soot and grease, resulting in greys and blacks being the most dominant colour schemes. For accessories think along the lines of metal shopping trolleys and bird cages. 142

Architecture Art Designs

Industrial lofts are the ideal style of living space to use the Industrial Revolution trend. eclectic-farm-home-with-vintage-industrial-kitchen___

Decor Advisor

Think of up-cycling and recycling heavy, chunky wood, add some heavy metal via accessories and usable kitchenalia, such as saucepans, to achieve the look. Screen-Shot-2012-01-18-at-4.25.19-PM

Lofty Finds

Step outside of the typical 'box' by using heavy metal sliding doors, expose brickwork and minimal amounts of furniture. 4

Cain and Markus

Go warehouse style. Accentuate the ceiling height by using a statement headboard – covered with soft fabric. Leave steel girders in-situ (they make fabulous shelving), strip back flooring to bare boards or concrete. 1SPAJUL04014A

Design For Life

The Industrial Revolution trend doesn't mean you have to go without comfort. Deep seated Chesterfield sofas, or a mismatch of comfy chairs will be ideal. 0707HOME_IndustrialRev_Head

Chicago Mag

This trend is well suited to contemporary homes, where polished metallic surfaces, concrete and reclaimed wood can sit stylishly side-by-side. Contemporary-Library-Industrial-Interior-Design


If you thought steel and metal were only for floors, girders etc. think again! Steel walls are perfect, off-set by lightweight voiles to soften the edges.   stylish-and-inspiring-industrial-living-room-designs-8

Digs Digs

Aged leather, teamed with industrial or stage lights, metal shelving along with a funky metal coffee table are all that are needed to create the Industrial Revolution look. sohohouse_ny_playground1

Interior Design of Living Room Blog

Think of 50 shades of grey, ranging from pale silvers to deep charcoal and steel to get the colour scheme correct. good-looking-amazing-style-decorating-amazing-industrial-home-interior-design-on-all-with-appealing-living-room-home-decorating-ideas-interior-extraor

Boucarou Lounge

The soft fabrics of bedding are used to create a juxtaposition between soft and hard, light and heavy.

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