This year metals have been given a new lease of life so to speak. The trend for mixing metal, for example rose gold with silver are hot within the world of interior design this season. Strategic layers of mixed metals is the way to go, with an emphasis on relaxed looks rather than perfectly matched metals, which can look somewhat sterile. Burnished silvers and soft golds are replacing the somewhat gaudy, highly polished tones. casual-metal-backsplashes-mixed-metals-sx-lg

Dr Oitanglais

Mixing black metal with warm golds and burnished silvers adds a luxury look without being pretentious or overly ostentatious. ceterra-final-3-low-res

Ceterra Interior Design

Mixing the textural aspects of metal helps to create a chic look that's full of interest. Soften straight spiky lines with gentle soft curves to get the look. concrete-decotal

Interior Design

Think outside the box a little to create a unique look. Use metallic tiles as an elongated headboard in the bedroom. Silver tones work incredibly well with fresh white and soft greys. mix-metals

Parc Foret

Soft copper works well as an accent in kitchens and dining areas, contrasting beautifully with steel appliances and furniture. metal decorations in home interiors 2015

Discover Home Interiors

Contrasting metallics can look fabulous in virtually any style of home. MixedMetals_Accessories_Blog

Star Furniture

Use accessories as metallic highlights to bring the look into a room without the need for a total makeover. e43e8ca679dea81086eecbdf11b106b9

Mcgrath II

Blend copper with brass and nickel silver to create a stunning living area that's bang on-trend. Heavy-Metals

Moda Interiors

Use metal in your outdoor living areas too. Remember that the natural elements of metal are at home outside. They'll take on a whole new look as they're subjected to variations with weather conditions and temperature changes.   J2

NY Interior Design

Use the reflective qualities of metal to make your room look lighter and more spacious. 11428670_1464151707239879_1661665156_n

S Content

Use the natural elements of metal to bring old and new close to each other.

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