Femininity can sit very comfortably next to masculinity without one being too dominant over the other. This interior design trend is a fabulous mix of contrasts, resulting in rooms which are packed full of style, colour, design and texture – which are of course all the hallmarks of great interior design.

Stone Floors with Rugs

The hard surface of stone, which nods towards masculinity, is off-set by the softer texture of area rugs. The opposites in textures are a great way to show off both genders – colour differences can help to substantiate this further.

Natural Materials with Soft Furnishings The use of natural materials, such as stone and wood, can be associated with the very first of man-made dwellings; today we have the added benefits of adding feminine touches via a variety of soft furnishings and beautiful fabrics.

Smooth fabrics mixed Rough Textures & Masculine Lighting

Smooth fabrics are associated with femininity, add some rough textures, such as corded carpet, along with lighting, which looks as if it needs to have a touch of DIY, gives this stunning room a chic, casual style which uses typical attributes of both genders – it's up to you to decide which are attributed to which! Bachelor Pad with a Feminine Touch It can be difficult when a bachelor pad is invaded by a female; it's a delicate balance of adding a feminine touch without it appearing as if you're being too demonstrative. Soft furnishings and little pops of colour are a great moves to start with. Minimalist Kitchen with Purple Colour Splash and High Tech Gadgets Black and white kitchens instantly give you the feeling of Ying & Yang when balanced equally. Add soft feminine colours such as lavender to highlight the feminine side, and include some high tech gadgetry for your guy to keep a happy medium. Smooth Wood and Stone with Rough Natural Wall Man caves may be bang on-trend, but when it comes to sharing a bathroom there has to be some femininity to make the style effective, otherwise you run the risk of the room looking like a back-to-basics pre-historic cave-man dwelling – which won't be very trendy or chic. The art of using a mixture of textures, smooth wood with a natural rough stone wall, dispels any disillusions that femininity and masculinity can't work together in harmony.

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