This Autumn/Winter we see some fabulous colours being introduced – some, admittedly are similar to others used this year – just with new names – however, the different interior design trends always bring new colours together to create a fresh, new and exciting look to suit different styles of homes. Stone Age This trend takes us back to the beginnings of man's dwellings. Paints have been given names such as bone and Neanderthal to make us feel as if we really are stepping back millions of years, while being able to keep the creature comforts we've all grown so accustomed to. Slate, combined with graphite offers a look which has a distinctive nod towards masculinity, bringing a modern aspect to Stone Age. The deliberate exclusion of pattern also takes us back to our prehistoric homes.

Image: ivanaalrousan

Stone Age living is bought into the 21st century in style. The use of natural materials for walls, flooring and seating give this interior a very distinctive look which may not be everyone's dream of an ideal living space. Bone (okay, cream) coloured leather sofa and use of natural wood is combined with warm orange which could be said to represent the setting sun. The natural warm glow of the orange makes this interior very liveable. Colour Clashing Bright and daring colour clashing is the ideal colour pallet for this year's trends of Bold Brights.

Image: a-touch-of-luxe

Choosing colours which deliberately go against convention in terms of co-ordinating are what makes this trend so invigorating and exciting.

Image: pealiving

Experiment, have fun and create your own unique colour scheme!

Image: designfortheseasons

Feel invigorated while you wash; the bright colours are just what you may need to kick start your day. Weathering the Storm Although the name suggests dark, dank and gloomy weathering the storm doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. There's various types of storms and while most are not actually very nice to be outside in you have to admit that the colour pallet natures uses can be beautifully diverse. It may be a play on words but these 'Sandstorm' drawer front are one of this year on-trend colours. The opaque glass wall cupboard doors are also a key element as they are akin to fog, mist and the limited visibility of a storm.

Image: huffingtonpost

The neutral colours may not appear to represent inclement weather but when you break them down into their individual components you'll soon see their relevance. Sandstorm rug and cushions; distressed leather; oceanic hues of a stormy sea – these are all further enhanced by the sunburst clock and orange coloured artwork which evoke the feeling that you've weathered the storm and come through the other side. As with any colour scheme and interior design it's open to interpretation – you're bound to find your own colour choices which include these on-trend colours and hues.

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