The sixth home decorating trend we can reveal for 2011 has a lot to do with colour – deep jewel tones of blue and purple together with touches of metallics. The use of these colours and metallics conjures up images of the night sky with its deep and inky indigo backdrop giving way to a myriad of sparkling stars! Sapphire blues, amethyst, glittering gold, silver, copper and bronze – the colours highly saturated and making a statement all on their own. Colours – If we can repeat – the colours are mostly saturated hues of blue and purple with deeper tones being a preference. Other jewel tones can be used too with this trend such as emerald green and amber – petrol blues and black give more definition to the space. Taking you back a few weeks, we did a series on colour trends for 2011, one of which was titled 'Molecular Magic'. This colour scheme very much lends to the jewels & metallics trend in that the colours are brought in to make rooms pulse with life and to create a touch of fantasy in everyday life. Flooring, Walls & Ceiling – It is really here that the colour starts to enter the design – do consider dark polished floors or work with what you have by purchasing large area Indian rugs in deep aquatic colours of jewel tones. If you are working with a small space you might be afraid to go to dark with your flooring in which case you can use a metallic grey as an alternative for rugs or tiles. When painting walls a saturated hue such as sapphire blue or amethyst, sometimes it is worth painting woodwork in the same colour as it helps to expand the room and make the overall design more fluid. Furniture – With a trend where colour is the dominant feature, you can usually pick out any style of furniture – just as long as it fits in with the colour scheme you have chosen. This of course gives you a lot more choice and it can be helpful when you are trying to decorate on a budget. Existing sofas and furniture can be customised if you feel necessary, so that they compliment the deep colours and metallics – try slip-covers to cover last years sofa trend and look for bronze hardware to add to furniture. If we could recommend a style of furniture then it would be modern shapes with less of the finer details – the emphasis remaining with colour. As pointed out with the Molecular Magic colour trend, round edges seem to provide a better match when compared to sharp edges. Textiles – Time to start browsing through a fabric wolesalers UK to find the latest trends at the best prices – you might choose to arm yourself with selected fabrics in which you can make your own home textiles or perhaps you are looking for cheap bedding sets so that you can discover whether these colours are right for you (although it has to be said, those deep blues and purples are ever so sumptuous for contemporary bedrooms!) Lighting & Accessories – This is your chance to add touches of sparkling metallics and to further personalise your home. Play around with mood lighting – spotlights or track lighting on dimmers are functional and effective throughout the home. Choose pretty table lamps with metallic bases and more bold colour for the shade. Clear of coloured glass collections are a nice addition to this trend, as are empty metallic frames as wall décor.