Another day...another home trend! Vintage industrial is already a major trend in parts of Europe such as Holland, Denmark and Scandinavia – now its sailing across the Atlantic to give our homes a whirl! Industrial décor is a mix of both dramatic simplicity, robust materials and functional modern design. Although we have met industrial interiors before – they are moving towards having a more homely and softer edge with lighter colour palettes and a more flattering use of textiles. There are different takes on this look to help you come up with a unique style – grab some ideas and advice below. Colours – You could go for a monochrome palette of predominantly white and greys, with black coming in as an accent. On the subject of black – why not have a wall of blackboard paint in a dining room or child's playroom. The monochrome scheme doesn't have to be void from colour and you could bring in a juicy hue like orange for accessories. The vintage industrial trend has been seen using a lot of white, but do mix bright whites with those bearing a tint of grey or blue. You could also use pastels rather than shots of bright – vintage hues such as a soft minty green or yellow. Some aged metallics are also a nice addition. Flooring, Walls & Ceiling – Natural hardwood floors for those lucky enough to have them – a little rough around the edges is all the more appreciated. Otherwise you should be thinking about black or white flooring with polished concrete being especially industrial. Simple and light – white or a white tint for walls and ceilings. Furniture – Start browsing now for industrial style chairs and bar stools for using in the dining room or at a kitchen island unit. Wood or metal chairs work best – better still is mixing the two together and perhaps painting one in a bright and joyful hue! Paint other furniture and existing kitchen cabinetry in white tints – think back to the comment about blues and greys or if you prefer the retro feel of vintage pastels then by all means paint the odd piece in a mint green or pale yellow. The industrial element to this home trend calls upon sturdy and rugged furniture such as a large farmhouse table – if you quite like country style décor then show this with a farmhouse sink in the kitchen and a wooden buffet cupboard painted white. Soften the industrial style with cosy sofas upholstered in relaxed leather or white linen. Industrial lockers and crates are popular items to be used as storage. Textiles – Use 'easy on the eye' prints or patterns when choosing curtain fabrics online – monochrome pinstripes or petite florals are good choices; in areas where a lot of textiles are required (think the bed for example), mixing patterns is a good look – just remember that a vintage edge is best accomplished through layering fabrics. For a more natural look which is popular in Scandinavia, use faux furs and hides for rugs and wall hangings. Wooden Venetian blinds will also offer a more natural look to this trend. Lighting & Accessories – Metal accessories that play down that polished or glitzy look; they have a raw edge to them and you can expect another mini-trend to show up – namely typography. So keep eyes peeled for metal letters to be placed as wall décor – they could be entire words or maybe initials to be be placed above and behind the bed? Natural elements such as wicker baskets and fresh flowers are nice finishing touches and lighting should be industrial all the way!

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