Our next colour theme and palette is called 'Finding The Way' and we will be taking a look below at what the meaning is behind this theme, the colours which define it and a few interior design ideas for how to decorate the home with it. It is the knowing of where we are heading, the navigation of life and where we find ourselves in an expanding world. The Idea Behind The Theme This theme seeks out to simplify our thoughts and our homes, to do away with clutter and mass. Our homes become mapped out through the use of colour; accents and focal points are created to map out certain zones and colour at large sets the right mood for each room. Through the use of colour we can relate to our personal environment; the theme was inspired by urban living, of maps and signs. The Colour Palette Our colour palette is made up from four main colours - a rich, dark brown, the lightest of grey-blues, a light grey and a mid tone of grey-blue. Other colours that are used in accents and highlights include a light dusting of pink, a sunflower yellow, light grey-browns or 'putty', honeysuckle and that airy citrus yellow that was named colour of the year! Decorating The Home Create a very contemporary dining room with this colour palette; starting with a light grey-brown for the walls and a berry pink for a focal wall. On one of the grey walls, play with other colours by painting graphic blocks of tonal greys, dark espresso brown and yellow. To make this more effective, use a white open shelving unit for the wall and paint different colours within each segment. A rich brown dining table and matching dining chairs draw focus to the dining zone and enforce the functional value of the room; use a very light grey-blue for chair upholstery, ready made curtains, cushions or table runner. In open plan layouts, the use of colour will help to define zones and one of the best ways to do this is with wall paint and textiles - don't be afraid to use some of the more vibrant colours such as sunflower yellow or honeysuckle to create a divide. These brighter shades make for a pleasant surprise against a room full of greys. Tonal greys and hints of blue-grey can work in almost any room when you bring in another colour such as pink or yellow. In the bedroom, a neutral background of uniform greys is given more focus with a headboard upholstered in a bright, sugary shade and a dark espresso brown is perfect for blackout roller blinds; light is easily eliminated when the time comes to get some rest.