This week we are taking a look at the colour trends for 2011; Monday we revealed the colour of the year and yesterday we spoke about the key colours within each family (reds, blues, neutrals etc.). Today and for the rest of the week, we are touching upon five new colour themes which all stem from the main theme of 'Appreciation'! Let us start with 'The Beauty Of Everyday Life'... The Idea Behind The Theme The idea for this theme stems from 'Appreciation' in the sense that it brings us back to our roots; it compliments real life and an appreciation for the simple things that we often overlook - away from a world that has become digitally and graphically enhanced at every turn. This theme doesn't seek to be perfect, it is more relaxed and focuses on our natural world; of the ever-changing blue skies, the fruits of summer and the wild blooms of the countryside. The Colour Palette There are four prime colours for this theme and they include a grey-green, a deep fruity purple, light sky blue and honeysuckle. Other colours include light to mid greys, our colour of the year (a light citrus yellow), coral and sugary pinks. Decorate Your Home! In a country style dining room, a grey-green is used to paint walls with a white tint for woodwork and a focal wall (perhaps that of the fire for example). The grey-green has a familiar look to it and brings in the colour of a minimally manicured garden, slightly wild - especially when teamed with the colour of wild berries; dress your focal wall and table with splashes of deep, berry purples and juicy pinks. The look becomes more refined with an off white and light blue upholstery for dining chairs - vintage floral prints are a very attractive way to go. In a lounge or other living space, a warmer and more humble colour is used for the walls; a mid-tone coral makes a wonderful backdrop to yet more rich berry purples, various shades of grey and the odd touch of an orange-pink. The combination of colours has a casual elegance and will be all the more welcoming with patchwork throws, different textures on cheap cushion covers and natural wood furniture and accessories. Use our colour of the year for walls in a feminine and nature inspired lounge; pops of honeysuckle liven the space whereas greys and soft greens soothe the mind - use these colours for rugs, cushions and throws and wall art. Pick up botanical prints in textiles and play with natural materials such as wicker, paper and wood.