I love nothing more than colouring my world and all year I anticipate the revealing of the new colour trends for the coming year. We want to share with you the colour trends for 2011 and we are spending all week with a major focus on colour and home décor - hooray! Colour experts have not only come up with random colours for the year ahead, but they do put in a fair amount of research and creativity to come up with an overall theme, a colour of the year and a selection of palettes which all relate to the theme. So what is this theme we are speaking of? This year it is titled 'Appreciation' as we move towards acceptance and falling in love again with what we normally take for granted. Drum-roll please, the colour of the year goes to....yellow! Specifically, our yellow is light, airy and with an underlying citrus tone that is great for the free-spirited; those who need a little fun and plenty of positive energy within the home - sounds like the majority of us then! My first thoughts and visions when I heard about our colour of the year was homes that are fresh and airy yet still warm, inviting - with an inner glow that makes us feel youthful and alive! With this citrus tone in its most mellow state, all the fun and creativeness is there but it is less vivid which makes it easier to live with and ultimately more cosy with simple touches such as cushions and throws, curtains, blinds or cheap cushion covers. I think the colour will bring with it new interior design trends that could range from rustic style décor with pops of fizzy yellow in vintage pieces - a teapot in this colour would be a nice accessory in a cottage or country style kitchen. You will see this colour paired with other sherbet tones such as pink and blue. With this yellow being more light and airy than other hues, I can imagine it becoming a hot colour for bedrooms and bathrooms who want a balance between relaxation and rejuvenation. I also have an itch that Moroccan style décor will show up, only more relaxed by playing down the colours. If I was to use this colour on the walls...I think it would work throughout the home as it brings many qualities and a good balance - but for me it would be the home office where I would try its vitality first. Adding just enough fun and creativeness to get me through the long days without being demanding on the eye - cheerful, uplifting, fighting off negative thoughts or fatigue and all the while relaxing. This colour is so good at the balancing act, it is a wonder it wasn't given the praise before now! Join us tomorrow and all this week for interior design ideas, plenty of colour play and more inspiration on how to use this year's key colours. Tomorrow we reveal more on each of the colour families and which tones are the big players for this year - we can all have our favourite :)