A soak in the bath is a great way to de-stress as well as clean ourselves; however the room that was once solely for carrying out one's daily ablutions has been revolutionised and turned into luxury room to spend time on your own or share with a partner. Take a look at these awesome designer bathtubs and choose your ideal bathtub! Sit and relax with a soothing cup of tea in this fabulous tea-cup shaped bath – just what the doctor ordered at the end of the day. One for the men with this stunning black carbon fibre bath – sleek streamlined design gives this bath a distinctly contemporary look.

Image: 123inspiration

Lie back and relax in this gorgeous mock-hammock styled carob fibre designer bath. Available in stylish black red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze, and pure silver and a generous 9' long, it's perfect for some indulgent 'together' time. With a limited set of 12, it costs a about £12,250 ($34,000). Yin-Yang bath to share with a partner. With colour changing mood enhancing lights there's no fighting over who gets the tap-end! The Trautwein 'Couple Tub Yin Yang' received an award at the 2013 Golden Wave.

Image: modishspace

Sit back and unwind in this designer bath that's been inspired by a chair. The use of wood for the frame gives this stylish bath nautical appeal.

Image: crookedbrains

Fancy sharing your bath with gold fish? This awesome £9,000 ($14,550) bath gives the optical illusion of doing so – sit and gaze at the fish while you dream of underwater scenes to soothe away your worries.

Image: bajiroo

Spoil your little 'cup-cake' in this gorgeous cup-cake baby bath – it's so cute a larger size would be bliss for cup-cake lovers too! It's ideal for taking outside in the summer and when she's too big to bathe in it turn into a stylish sandpit. It's a snip at £125.00 (€149) – there's a choice of colours too.

Image: neatorama

Do you like reading while soaking in the bath? If you do you'll love this amazing 'Bathe in Knowledge' made of books – not only is the outside covered with books the bottom of the bath is too; a great way to recycle unwanted books. Spending time with your partner watching the TV or a film is a great way to be together – add in a hot soak in the bath and you have the ideal combo. Starting from about £3,785 ($6,200) it isn't a cheap way to add a TV to your bathroom.

Image: ruthzavalacolors.blogspot

Baths don't have to have super slick, smooth exteriors -if you love animal hide then get yourself a bath that has it stuck to the outside for a quirky tactile experience.

Get back to nature inside this stunning cave-like bathroom. The sunken bath, natural rock and wood provide an ideal chill-out zone.

Image: digsdigs

Complete with 2 waterproof 42-inch dual HDTV, massage, Swarosvki crystal encrusted champagne holders, multicoloured lighting and other cool 'must haves' Red Diamond jacuzzi tub costs a cool £29,450 ($47,200). All that sparkles is gold in this stunning gold bath tub. Complete with a wooden lid it's the ideal luxury place to bathe. Go for a mural theme and use enormous speakers to set the scene for a bathroom that's knocks spots off the average bathroom décor.

Image: viewhometrends

This one may not be the newest but it still turns heads with the ultimate shaped bath for the girl who has everything. Starting at £10,625 ($17,000) less than many pairs of designer shoes.

Image: decoist

Look at the size of this rock! This quartz bath tub is an eye watering £530,000 ($848,000)! It's 7' long and 2' deep the bath was carved out of a single piece of pure white rock crystal. With its minimalistic design this contemporary bath offers super smooth luxury, along with a innovative design shape. If you love wood then you'll adore this beautiful oval shaped bath with its high gloss sheen.

Image: ymonakhovdfab

With the design of softly draping fabric the Palladio bath with made from limestone and can be yours for a little under £18,000 ($28,800). With its unusual shape that reminds me of a piano this stunning bath is the epitome of modern design. It's a lovely blend of old and new and perfect me a little 'me' time.