Think of shelves and the first thing that springs to mind is a plain piece of flat wood fixed to a wall with brackets! Sound boring and somewhat dull? You bet it does, however, shelves don't have to be plain or boring, there's plenty of wacky shelves that will make you see these everyday objects in a whole new light! offthewall_curve3

The Design Sheppard

Shelves that are part of the wallpaper! Fabulous invention for those who like everything matching. diy-table-bookshelves-design


Use old tables chopped in half, paint them and stack them to form a wacky shelving unit. shelves-shelving-units-storage-ideas-22


This awesome shelving system has a simple design that's really effective for those who like to be unique. house_designs_photo1

Interior Design Photos

Create a Jenga style shelving stytem that ideal for holding books. Book-Bookshelf-stick-books-for-a-shelf-Designbuzz-Design-ideas-Photo

Homes Kid

Use a collection of old books and turn them into a shelf – ingenious! bece950977d0b32b1f84c6763949b1ef

Img Buddy

Go for a rustic style using branches to hold salvaged wood shelves. 092d7f19bc316f2b2820933739ba05bb


A take from Shaker style design, hanging chairs onto walls and using the seats as storage places makes a great shelf alternative. design,453,furniture,bookshelf,branches,cool-dd71ac76dae3c675f4aafe966307bd90_h

Visualize Us

If you're into one-off pieces grab a tree branch paint it and use it as a bookshelf. by choosing a branch with spur-branches you also have an instant hanging place too. excellent-unique-shelves-with-unique-shelf-with-shape-inspired-by-heartbeat-beat-shelf-image


A symetrical zigzag design is far more visually pleasing than a flat shelf. DIY Shelf Ideas-35

Guru Koala

this wacky shelving is simply awesome! Use reclaimed and recycled woods in different colours to get the effect. IKEA-Wall-Shelves-Ideas-A-Starting-Point-For-Your-DIY-Project-with-the-candles

Mad Decorating

A contemporary take on the tree branch shelf. Eclectic-Interiors-Pipe-Shelving


Upcycled old metal pipes forming unique shelves. wood-shelves-diy-modular-shelving-fundamental-shop-11


Wooden cubes stacked on top of each other are a great way to place shelves in akward corners. DIY-rope-bridge-bookshelf

Reve Decor

Defy the norm and go for a curved, flexible shelf. DIY-Leather-Belt-Shelves


You've heard of the saying 'belt and braces'!