Being in the dog house isn't nice...or is it? Take a look at these 15 reasons and we're sure you'll agree being in the dog house isn't so bad after all!   1

Daily Picks and Flicks

You get to have your own roof terrace, complete with a comfy cushion to lay on.   2

The Pets Central

There may be little room for moving but at least you don't have to share!   3

Universe of Luxury

You can step straight into your own paddling pool that isn't big enough for humans to use.   4

Mike Wakefield Photography

You get to go away on holiday if you want and have your own caravan space!   5

Funny Capture

Your log cabin is only big enough for one and you get the prime position in the garden.   6

Widseth Smith Nolting

You're master of your own home.   7


You can come and go as you please.   8  

Japan Probe

You get to have the grandest house in the neighbourhood.   9  

Agency Logic

Your summer house is just as stylish as any holiday home in the Med.   10

Agency Logic

Your home sports it's own bespoke pool, sun terrace and dining area and there's no arguments on who has the best sun-spot.   11


No using the tradesman's entrance you have your own luxury entry point.   12  

 Design Swan

You have peace and solace as your bespoke home is designed in such a way that humans are just too big to fit into.   13


You can live all year round in the garden as you have your own patio, water station and even poop-scoop area – but you don't have to clear-up your mess!   14

Oddity Central

You can sleep as snug as a bug in a rug and gaze at the stars in complete undisturbed comfort.   15

Files Luxury

You get to be princess for more than a day!