15 dining room tables to wow your guests

The success to entertaining your guests is not only to give them fantastic food and great company, but to also make them feel as if they're being welcomed into an informal restaurant, which of course is your home. It doesn't matter whether your dining room is small or large you can give it a luxury look. Black and white dining room with disorientating repeat pattern on the walls that looks like doileys or a colour blindness test

Top New Style

Add a luxury look to your dining room with lace-effect wallpaper. Black and white dining room with white table and chairs, and black and white table cloth


Give the smallest of dining rooms a fresh modern look with a faux fur table runner in trendy black and white. Black dining room, with black table and black and lilac padded chairs


Oozing chic style this dining room may be a touch OTT for some; for others this room reeks glamour and luxury. Large dark wooden beam living space with cream sofas in the distance and wooden dining table in the foreground


Contemporary wooden furniture can be used in virtually any style of dining room. White walled dining room with wooden floors and brown glass reflective table, with round metal legs


Light green and aqua dining room, with green apples on the table in a row

Interior Deco Dir

Colour co-ordinate your table dressing with the food you're serving for a unique and very chic entertaining style. White walled dining room with white table and white chairs with red seat pads, plus red candle holders on the table

I See Cubed

You don't have to opt for expensive wooden tables to get a fabulous looking dining room that will impress. French country cottage style dining room and kitchen in cream and beige

Franco Techno Gap

Use multi-layered table cloths and chair covers if your dining room set has seen better days or you've changed your decorating motif. Pink walled dining room with black dining table and black and white floral rug

Home Room Store

Try adding funky chairs to a wooden table – the look is fabulous and a real talking point for your guests. Swirling backed red chairs dotted around in three different white rooms, next to door ways


Give your dining room funky flair and a real focal point with a bespoke chair. Cream and beige dining toom with round glass light fixtures hanging from the ceiling

Dining Rooms Paint Colors

Lighting is an important part f a tastefully decorated dining room. Allow plenty of light, your guests won't feel comfortable eating in a murky gloom. White dining room, with wooden flooring, white table, white grand piano in the distance and a tall fish tank to the right

I See Cubed

Dine in luxury with a modern concept – your guests won't have any lack of talking points in this fabulous dining room.

Make a statement with a unique table that oozes luxury and style. Beige dining room with brown table, that is shaped like a booth where you slide in, like at a diner

Home Dsgn

Eating Japanese food? Go for Japanese style dining for an authentic look. Black, yellow and red circle patterned round dining table with matching wooden chairs and bowls and chopsticks on the table

Free The Children

Rather have a Chinese? Use a Chinese style dining room table complete with a 'lazy Susan' centre for easy serve-yourself.

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