We all have crazy moments – it may be that impulse purchase that we regret the minute we walk indoors or maybe you love being quirky and dare to be a little bit different. There’s plenty of crazy furniture and room ideas about if you’re fed up with the norm and want to create a talking point in your home.

Concept Trends

A chaise lounge in the form of a wild cat will certainly make a focal point in your living room or bedroom. If you’re a bit of a wild cat this amazing piece of furniture will be right up your street.

Bored Panda

Create a hauntingly beautiful lighting effect in your room with this crazy lampshade that will turn your room into an eerie forest.

Square State

Create the illusion of sleeping in the great outdoors with this awesome bedroom decorating idea.

The Grey Home

I love this coffee mug hand basin. It’s crazy, but it works for me!


Like Tetris blocks this crazy staircase will certainly make sure you look where you’re treading.

The Grey Home

If you like your eggs sunny side-up you’ll love this double-yoked floor rug. One assumes the yolks are used as cushions?

Hype Much

Stress and panic attacks blight may people’s lives, this Panic room is the ideal go-between from calm and soothing to craziness that can help people cope.


I can’t help but smile when I look at this nail brush inspired occasional table. Does it show that you have a thing about cleanliness if you include it in your home?


Contemporary yellow and red curvy, this crazy bed isn’t your standard double bed. You’d have to be a little be crazy and have a large bedroom to include it in your living space.


This amazing glass table is not only expensive, the form means that you’d have to be crazy to have it a home where children live or if you’re prone to being clumsy – one knock and I image the whole thing will shatter. However, you have to agree it certainly is an inspiring design.

Assaggi di Me

An apartment of a fashion designer, the furniture, walls and flooring all merge into one with the same striped pattern. I’ve even see an image with the designer himself dressed in the same patterned top so that he melds into the designer effortlessly – how crazy is that!

Digs Digs

If you happen to discover an old naval mine lurking in your back garden don’t be tempted to throw it away or take it to the scrap metal dealers, turn it into a bed instead! Naval mine furniture is bang on-trend, especially among the recycling and upcycling fraternity within the world of interior design.

and Design Blogg

You’ll never be able to say you don’t have anything to wear with this coffee table that can be worn as a skirt. I’m not sure just how practical it will be as clothing, but the crazy idea may just work!


Lovely legs are shown-off with this whimsical coffee table, which has a touch of the ‘naughty side’, depending on the type of stockings the table’s legs wear.

Style Hive

This sofa really is crazy – it’s very futuristic. It looks comfortable enough, but will take up an awful lot of space – or am I missing the point entirely on this one?