It's surprising what you can do with an empty tin can! I'm not talking about places to store old nuts and bolts in the garage, I'm talking about the fabulous home accessories you can make simply by using a tin can, a little skill and a helping of ingenuity. Today is Tin Can Day, so why not celebrate this humble piece of metal and be inspired to do your own recycling and up-cycling the next time you have an empty tin of beans.

Meridien Rugs

How cute are this pretty tea light holders made from small tin cans; the sort you find tuna fish in.


Okay, so these can have lids, but if you like pretty kitchenalia you'll love a collection of painted cans.

Nina's Apartment

Tin cans with old labels are surprisingly collectable, especially when they're in good condition.

Ion Decorating

Looking for a new light-shade? Make your own using a tin can and you'll be able to paint it to compliment your colour scheme.

Wallflower Wisdom

Sometimes the old ones are the best and while these home-made vases may not be the chicest on the market they'll cost you very little to make. They're a great craft idea for kids.

Pressed Flower By Dee

I'm loving these empty tuna fish can that have been transformed into little air plant gardens.


Get artistic and create a pierced candle or tea light holder.

Thinly Spread

Pierced tin can lanterns look stunning dotted around the garden or use them on the patio.

Crib Candy

Use the thinner cans to make little animals or birds – be careful though this thin metal can be razor sharp.

Green Prophet

Save up all of your empty cans and those of family and friends to make your own igloo style home like this one in Israel.

Lush Home

A collection of cans clustered together make a unique light fitting.

DIY Center

Use empty drinks cans to make a picture or mirror frame.


Smaller cans make great draw tidies.

Eco Artware

If you have hundreds of used beer or fizzy drinks can spare you could also cover the outside of your house with them by using them like shingles.

Savvy House Keeping

Make a simple wine rack using empty tins can stuck together.