Spiral staircases are ideal for economising on space. They can also add real interest to a room, especially when they have stunning design like these.



The simple, stylish design of these spiral stairs shows great craftsmanship. spiral-staircase-design

ABR Home

The flickering flame style inserts help to draw your eye up-ward and around the curve of the stairs. amazing-spiral-staircase-best-picture-01


Showing the back of the stairs with its curve – evoking the feelings of a tree being blown by the wind. spiral-staircase


These amazing spiral stairs are like a gigantic corkscrew, or DNA helix. spiral-staircase-design-ideas

Home My Design

With solid form and grand curve these modern stairs make a bold statement. sandrini-scale-metal-spiral-staircase-design-3

Interior Exterior Design

The solid back makes these metal spiral stairs very unusual. stairs_zany

Guy Sports

  Tucked into a corner these brushed steel contemporary stairs show just how spacing saving spiral staircases can be. stair-4

Oddities 123

These have to be the largest spiral staircase in the world. Not sure that I'd like to climb them! exciting-bright-yellow-spiral-staircase-design-for-your-home-plans-staircase-designs-innovative-spiral-staircase-designs-stairs-design-ideas

Leazer Brothers

The bright yellow and black gives the illusion of falling into a giant paint-pot when you look over the edge of these stairs from the top. amazing-spiral-cp


Inspired by nature these wooden stairs represent a huge tree. flower-spiral-staircase-designs


When viewed from the top this flower spiral staircase is amazing. Risa_Meyer_staircase1


Solid concrete stairs are compact, yet incredibly stylish and practical. Appealing-spiral-wooden-staircase-design-ideas-with-vintage-nuance


These wooden stairs with their beautiful curved form is deliciously sinuous. wonderful-white-spiral-staircsae-it-seems-lik-it-consists-of-pebbles-staircase-designs-innovative-spiral-staircase-designs-as-your-new-stairs-ideas

Leazer Brothers

White pebbles stacked to make an amazing staircase – wouldn't it be awesome to find natural pebbles to make this? 540_293_resize_20120801_2a9176c31484708581cc3a0aa01f48d9_jpg

Zeflow Empower Network

Are these really spiral stairs or the inside of a natural sea-shell? No of course it's the inside of a sea-shell, which have inspired designers to create stunning spiral staircases like 540_293_resize_20120801_4f3e9b9f6535eaf452c4953c914ef60f_jpg  

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