The Summer months remain the most popular time of year to get married; however, the traditional church or registry office is taking a back seat as more couples choose the most amazing and unusual places to take their vows.      

Europe & Beyond

On top of a mountain, or very high rocks may mean a limited number of guests can attend, but maybe that's the point!  

Destination Wedding Hotels

This quirky birds nest style tree house is definitely on the most unusual list.  

The City Collection

Taking your vows underwater almost seems the norm these days!  

Married in Minnesota

Paragliding your way to wedded bliss is some couple's idea of an amazing way to tie the knot.  


Take your guests with you on 'cloud 9' with a wedding suspended a few feet off the ground.  

Burnetts Boards

A tree house is many couple's idea of paradise.  

Elle Events Inc.

Couples who love heights can make their dreams come true by getting married while wing-walking!  


Remember to take lots of photographs if you get married in an ice chapel, because it will have melted away by spring.  

Inked Weddings

Take your vows and the jump into oblivion together on a bungee to have your first kiss!  

Inked Weddings

  You have to be a die-hard rock climbing fan to take your vows hanging from a cliff face.  

Shadi Pictures

Have a ho-down and get married in an old barn.  

Kyiv Post

Hot air balloon marriages almost seem passée these days!  

Mail Online

Leave your wedding guests behind while you and your beloved go for a horse ride together.  

Destination Wedding Hotels

On safari is an adventurous place get married – don't forget your animal masks to blend in with the locals!  

My Inspired Wedding

Go underground and get married in a cave – you won't have to worry if the sun's not shining!