14 feminine & fascinating – interior design ideas for women

With more and more women living on their own they have the opportunity to give their living space a distinctive feminine look. They don't all have to be frills and lace; today's modern women can also take a contemporary approach using soft colours teamed with white and creams. White, cream and blush home office with pink fabric desk chair


Home work stations using pretty feminine colours and patterns are gentle on the eye and will fit comfortably in the corner of a bedroom or living room. Light pink and cream double bedroom with soft toys in the room, and fluffy white dog

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Pale, muted tones of white and pink create a beautiful bedroom with a feminine style. White, grey and blue room with small round table suspended from the ceiling and blue ottoman


Blue isn't just for men; teamed with white and cream and the femininity of this colour shines through. Cream, pink and beige bedroom, with grey bed, white bedding and light purple throw


Floral motifs always give a room a feminine touch. Cream and beige bedroom, with metal bed and white voile canopy over the headboard

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Cream is such a sophisticated and elegant colour scheme; it's perfect for women's bedrooms. White kitchen with curved purple kitchen units


Give a kitchen and dining area a feminine look using on-trend purple and a flutter of delicate butterflies. Cream and grey-ish blue patterned wallpaper in a bathroom, with curved white bathtub


Add touches of glamorous gold to give a bathroom a distinctive nod towards femininity.

Pile lace and delicate fabrics into a bedroom of an instant touch of femininity.

You can even give your light shades or chandeliers a feminine look by using feathers and dainty rosebuds.

Old fashioned perfume bottles on table


A collection of pretty scent bottles is a great way to show-off your femininity. Ceramic candle holder used to hold jewellery, with vases and cups also storing jewellery


Pretty cups and candle sticks are a fascinating way to display jewellery. Lots of women's shoes hung on a wall by the heel using transparent rods

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Wall displays of your favourite dresses and shoes is a superb way to show your feminine side. White dressing table with glass top, with white framed mirror and make up accessories


Dressing table that's kept neat and tidy using a variety of pots and storage with a feminine style. Light blue and white living room, with beige armchairs either side of a white fireplace

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A variety of feminine textures can turn a room into a distinctive look which oozes chic style for women.

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