We all know that we should get fit and stay fit, but maybe you’re in need of a little motivational décor to help you stay focused? If you are, be inspired by these amazing sports interior design ideas to help you stay on track.


If you’re an armchair sports fan, what better way to watch the match than in a comfortable chair designed around your favourite sport? It may not be giving you any fitness, unless of course you’re so engrossed you leap and down when your team scores.

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Skateboarders will adore finding a good used for their old boards. This amazing chair is the perfect recliner to help sooth those aching legs and nurse your bumps and bruises.

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Show off your trophies and passion by having a discreet, yet effective, memorabilia shelving. It’s not too OTT, but will remind you of your glory days.

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Another comfortable seat for armchair sports fans; you can even put your feet up on a baseball stool.

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This is an awesome skateboard full-pipe that can be placed in your own home. A great all weather place to practice.


Complete with an astro-turf style rug, and fabulous wall art you can take your pick as to which sport you watch on television. It may just inspire you to get out and have ago yourself.

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Having your own pool table is perfect for family bonding; alternatively a great idea for a night in with your mates.

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This sofa is ideal for getting you off your backside and into a little, or as much, workout exercises as you want. When you’re finished, simply sit back down to catch your breath.


This design is perfect for those who live, eat and sleep football. The pitch on the ceiling enables you to have sweet dreams of the match.


Swimming enthusiasts aren’t left out in the cold with this amazing plunge pool that’s under the floor.


How’z that! This amazing contemporary seating is made from cricket bats.

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Stools and tots rocking chairs look amazing made from horse and pony saddles.

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Need some gentle exercise which doesn’t involve standing? These innovative basketball chairs are the ideal answer.

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This Ping-Pong door is simply amazing and perfect if you’re a little restricted for space. Simply swivel the door horizontally, secure in place and play Ping-Pong between two rooms – amazing!

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