It’s something we all do, admittedly some more than others, but there’s some who don’t take sleeping lightly, nor do they take a conventional stance when it comes to finding a place to sleep. These weird & amazingly strange beds will open your eyes to some of the most innovative designs around.


1. Sleeping inside a giant clam shell may seem a little bizarre but you have to admit it’s an awesome bed design just as long as the lid doesn’t slam shut on you!

Bored Panda

2. Don’t like lying down or can’t bear the thought of actually getting into bed? No worries you can stand up and sleep with soft cushioning supporting you.

Home Inspiration Design

3. Facebook’s 10th birthday has been in the news recently and those that love the social media site will adore this Facebook inspired bed design.


4. Coastal themes always go down well in bedroom décor. This amazing wooden boat bed takes the theme inspiration to another level.


5. Snuggle down to find your ultimate sleeping position in the molecular bed.

Bored Panda

6. Do you like reading in bed? If you do this amazing book-bed is a brilliant way to fall asleep.

Crazy Lazy Silly

7. This weird bed may be more comfortable than it looks…let’s hope so!

Toys Period

8. This weird, yet amazing bed, is made from an oversized mattress being laid out, folded and looped over a ceiling beam.

My Fashion School

9. This bed may have rustic charm but the wooden stick-pole holding the box up looks a touch precarious to me….this bed reminds me of Mousetrap…one wrong move and you’re caught!


10. Feel like you’re life is one continuous rollercoaster? This amazing bed will be perfect for you!

Trying to Balance the Madness

11. Another amazing bed which focuses on giving the occupants a cover over their heads. At least this one doesn’t look as if it’s going to fall on top of you.


12. All meshed up – this weird bed is made up of stylish twisted metal. It may be possible to try the same by recycling but it would take a lot of panache and flair to beat this amazing design.


13. This bed is weird in an amazing way – it’s like the fairy tale of the Golden Egg, but different somehow.

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