Most burglars are opportunist thieves. They'll cruise the streets either by car or on foot and make the most f the rich pickings many of us leave for them. It's blatant daylight robbery, however, with Summer nearly at the end and Autumn approaching fast now is the time to beat the burglars.   1.

The Lettered cottage

Base bats are a no, no. If you should use it one an intruder the courts could deem this as premeditated harm and it could be you finding yourself in the wrong.   2.   Shutting your gate shows burglars that you are security aware and if you take the time to shut your gate they'll also view it as a sign that the rest of your house is secure – leave the gate open and they may take their chance of you being a little lax in the rest of your security measures.   3.

 Jones The Planner

Burglars will also cruise down a street looking for houses where tall trees and bushes hide the front of the house; so keep bushes and trees trimmed so that neighbours can see what may be going on.   4.

Vintage Violet style

Be prudent inside your home too – don't let thieves read your calendar, which is typically hanging up in the kitchen – they'll read it and know exactly what days and times you're not at home or you're away on holiday – if they don't have time to ransack your home immediately they'll return when the coast is clear.   5.

Life In The Dog Lane

Don't be fooled into thinking your pets will protect your home. Many pet owners turn-off their intruder alarm as they don't want it accidentally triggered by their pet's movements! 6.


Cat flaps are notorious for weakening the structure of a door making it easier to break into.   7.

Patio Design Ideas

Burglars will also look for a table or chair that they can stand on to reach into open windows, as well as bins – so don't leave them close to your home or buy robust patio furniture which is difficult to move.   8.


Up-grade your front door to one which has a cylinder and a dead lock. Keep your front door looking neat and tidy – peeling paintwork is another tell-tale sign that you're not so hot on protecting your house against the elements, let alone burglars!   9.

Right Move

Don't leave your alley unattended. Lock the back gate and if it's low put trellis on top – thieves don't like trellis as it snaps too easily when they're trying to climb over it. You should leave your bins as stepping stones either!   10.

Ultra Secure Direct

Fit a proper alarm and not a dummy one – burglars can spot these from the end of the road.   11.

Safety Letter Box

Having a cage on your letterbox is also a proactive move on your part as it will prevent burglars from putting a bent wire or stick through and either pinging a standard Yale lock or from reaching keys that have been left on a hall table. Alternatively fit a burglar proof letterbox.   12.

Home Designer Software

Don't forget to lock your shed. Not only will thieves steal your tools they will also use them as a means of breaking windows and doors and gaining access to your home.

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