The revival of dining rooms and eating in style is highlighted by some of the most exciting tables and chairs that’ll turn your dining room into far more than a dumping ground for your ironing – these awesome designs will make you want to invite your friends round for some very stylish entertaining.

Odd Mods

1. This contemporary table has suspended chairs attached; I suppose it will be just as long as you don’t swing too high and catapult yourself across the table or slam you thighs into the side of the table!

Web Urbanist

2. This pretty table is set with lights, so there’s no need for twee candles to create a fabulous ambience and atmosphere.

Boston Cru

3. If you’re fed up with the bog-standard table and chairs set-up, go for a refectory table and use crates with large cushions as seating – it look awesome and very informal in an extremely chic way.

1HD Wallpapers

4. Resembling a sauna this contemporary dining room and its furniture will leave you feeling pleasantly warm.

Two Sevens

6. They’ll be no arguing who is head of the table with this part-suspended table with its sexy curved design.


7. Ultra-modern and exquisitely chic this stunning dining room oozes high-class luxury.

Sherimart Interiors

8. If you love eating Japanese food then way not dedicate your dining room motif and furniture to those inspired by Japan.

Furniture Fashion

9. The ‘Spaghetti’ chairs are a striking design concept that will make a real focal point in any contemporary dining room.

Lush Home

10. Fancy a look which evokes the feelings of hewn trees? This table has axes has its legs…. Loving the way they look as if a lumberjack has thrown his axe at them is such precision.

Design Lance

11. This contemporary table has contrasting metal chairs to create an industrial look which suits homes as well as work places.

Marvel Building

12. If you love the quirky and adding a touch of whimsy to your home this table with its knife and fork legs will be right up your interior design street.

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