Floral blooms and flowers aren't everyone's cup-of-tea, but when it comes to summer many of us welcome floral displays, wallpapers and fabrics into our homes. If you don't want to have flowers all year round simply use them as a display to stimulate your eyes and nose.  

New Home Interior Design

Country cottage chic should always include summer blooms – freshly picked and on prints and patterns for soft furnishings.  

Belle Maison

Pick fresh blooms and display them in containers, jugs or vases to brighten a room.  


If your kitchen or dining room is large enough you can always grow your own orange tree to bring a touch of nature right inside your home. Orange blossom blooms smell gorgeous too.  

Mail Online

A floral display looks stunning displayed on a dining room table.  

House And Garden

Add seasonal flowers to your bathroom for a summery scent that's delicious.    

ION Decorating

Add bright floral printed fabrics to an outside area which is predominately green to give a colour burst to your garden.  

Mail Online

Floral wallpaper and fabrics are bang on-trend this year.  

Home My Design

Choose quirky containers to give your blooms centre stage.  

Home My Design

Pink floral fabrics give a bedroom a feminine touch.  

Flo Home Design

Try something unusual and use floral blooms on your ceiling.  

House To Home

Pretty floral kitchen blinds bring a touch of summer all year round.  


Recover your office chair with bold floral fabric to brighten up the area.

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