The latest Marvel Comics film starring Captain America is due for release next week – 4th April. Captain America, The Winter Soldier and the Black Widow join together to stop surreptitious enemy who are hiding in Washington D.C.

Mon Tex

1. Kids will adore Captain America bedding. It may not include the Winter Soldier or the Black Widow, but it’s a great way of using a theme that can be changed as often as the bed covers.

Kidz Dens

2. Using the cool colours of Captain America and a stunning wall mural, kids will love their themed bedroom. The little touches that bring the room together, such as the shield rug, give the emphasis on one particular superhero.

Design Taxi

3. We’ve seen this type of superhero wall light before, and of course, Captain America hasn’t been left out of the frame. This shield smashing a wall is simply awesome.


4. Remember the days of pin art? They’re easy to make and are a great alternative to pre-made murals or pictures.


5. How amazingly subtle is this living room. The details’ in the muted colour scheme with the large framed print taking centre stage as the room’s focal point. Nothing immature about this Captain America theme.

Great Kids Bedrooms

6. Bring a plain wall to life with a full-sized wall mural of Captain America. There’s some stunning murals available to give a superhero theme to any room.


7. Not allowed Captain America to infiltrate your home? No worries, dedicate the steering wheel of your car to him instead!


8. This Captain America table lamp is a ‘must have’ in your themed room.

Slippery Brick

9. How would you listen to Captain America sound tracks? With Captain America headphones of course!


10. Show you passion for Captain America by wearing this stylish bracelet at the film release on the 4th April.

Freshness Mag

11. Diesel have teamed up with Marvel to produce this limited edition Captain America aftershave – ‘Only the Brave’.

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12. Complete your personal ensemble with this striking (pun intended) Captain America ring.