12 easy bedroom upgrades that won't break the bank

Budget makeovers don't mean that you have to settle for second best or end up with a shabby rather than chic end result. With a little savvy shopping and some inspiration you'll find you can easily upgrade your bedroom without leaving a whopping great hole in your bank balance. Take a look at our 12 tips and be inspired to transform your bedroom into a room that oozes style.

1# Add colour bursts either on walls or bedding and you'll see an instant up-date to your room. Gold wallpaper headboard with an intricate floral pattern


2# Add new textures to stop the room looking bland and boring.

Breakfast on a plate, sat on a blue bedHouse To Home

3# Change your accent pillows and boudoir cushions; it's surprising the difference it will make to the overall look of the room.

White bedroom with double bed, white bedding and grey, orange and purple cushionsGoto Sofa

4# Change your headboard. If you've had your headboard for years then there's little doubt that it's outdated. Change it for something more modern, like a large statement headboard to make a focal point in the room. White bedroom, yellow bedding and speckled multi colour headboard

House To Home

5# Add new art work. The great thing about artwork is that anything goes! Wall murals are bang on-trend if you don't like actual pictures and paintings.

6# Change your window dressing. If you've always had curtains swap them for window blinds or vice versa – it will make a real difference to the look and feel of the room.

Cream and light grey bedroom with wooden shutters at the windowArrancat's Blog

7# Add pattern. If you've always had plain walls add some pattern to them. If you prefer to keep the walls plain add pattern via your bedding or curtains instead.

Light wooden floor and large glass headboard with intricate dandelion floral designDocxie

8# Change your bedding. We tend to be creatures of habit, so break the mould and try different bedding; opt for bedding with texture or pattern if you've always had plain. Cream padded headboard, with cream and duck egg blue bedding

Home For Now Blog

9# Move your bed. If you have the space move the position of your bed to make a dramatic difference to the look of your room. Wooden floor, cream walls, dark wood bed and wide fitted wardrobes


10# Change your wardrobe doors. You may not be able to afford new wardrobes but you can change the way they look by altering the doors either by painting them, using mirrors or modern murals.

Modern, white and fresh bedroom with full wall of light green wardrobesRoom Ideas

11# Change the lighting. Black and dark grey bedroom with double bed and striped black wallpaper

House To Home

Don't leave your central light out of the equation; up-dating it to something large and bold can give your bedroom a whole new look.

12# Paint the ceiling. We've become so accustomed to having a plain white ceiling painting it may seem bizarre, yet it's a fabulous way to give a fresh new look to a tired bedroom.

Beige bedroom, with touches of dark blue, white, gold and a large window looking into the shower and toiletHG TV

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