12 biggest christmas tree fails

We all love a Christmas tree that's beautifully and tastefully decorated; however, it appears that some people just don't have the knack or skills to decorate a tree! I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if the children have decorated the tree you're loather to alter it in any way, but there are some Christmas tree fails that really take the biscuit – or should I say mince pie! Extravegant table top Christmas tree winter screen, with houses, ginger bread and lots of sweets

Our Life In Action

Sweet and sickly is the best way to describe this tree. A white Christmas tree, with the Grinch's full size legs sticking out

Our Life In Action

It may start off as a bit of fun but leave this butt sticking out for too long and it will put your off your Christmas dinner! Fabric popup tent in cream, with decorations and pink ribbon


You may think this is a tree dedicate to your little princess, but she needs prince charming to come and save her from having to look at this tree for too long. Triangle metal stand sparsely covered in Christmas lights

Quotes Lol Rofl

Bald Christmas tree in a black plant pot, not very festive

Pure Showers

It may be an attempt but like a school report – really should try harder! Small black Christmas tree on a stool

The Worst Stuff Ever

There's minimalist and then there's sparse – this tree falls into the latter with no style whatsoever.

It may be over 125 years old, but it has definitely seen better days. However with an estimated value of over £1000 this Victorian tree is priceless in more ways than one! A dishevelled Christmas tree, that looks like it's falling apart

The Family Jules

A mediocre attempt that really doesn't do any justice to this tree. Christmas covered in white fluff, cream ornaments and warm lights

Quote Lol Rofl

Going OTT with tree décor doesn't win any pints on the style stakes – the 'less is more' saying obviously hasn't been applied here. Pair of metal ladders covered in ribbon and tree-like band

Pop Hangover

This attempt at a contemporary tree leaves me speechless! Pile of supermarket trolleys made to look like a Christmas tree

Humor Trend

It's one way of gathering all the lost shopping trolleys I suppose! Animated image of a leafy plant covered in lights, which are flashing

Honda Tech

If you think that decorating your pot plant with flashing lights and a few baubles is cool – it's not!

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