12 awesome outdoor christmas decorations

Love them or loathe them it's a fact that outdoor Christmas décor is becoming more elaborate every year. Many towns and cities hold competitions for the best dressed house to help bring a community spirit – for others it's a matter of 'beating the neighbours' by having more lights and décor than anyone on the street!   A house at night covered in Christmas lights

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To stand any chance of impressing the neighbours you'll find that decorating the house is a real art form.   A tree wrapped tightly in lit fairy lights


Step away from the bling of the house and add some awesome lights to highlight the trunk and branches of a tree or two.   NOEL letters outside a house, with Christmas lights all over the house

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Go with the trend of using letters to spell-out seasons greetings.   Three winding spirals going around a central column, covered in Christmas lights


Spiral lighted trees make a great alternative for those who don't have, or want, a real Christmas tree in their front garden.   A snowman decoration with light blue glowing lights over its body


A giant illuminated snowman is a jolly way to show you're in holiday mode.   A house completely covered in Christmas lights

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Go completely overboard and put lights on absolutely everything!   A VW Beetle car suspended by a wire between two trees, then two reindeer decorations have been suspended too as if they are pulling it


If you want something completely unique you could always follow this household's idea and suspend an old car between two trees and have a couple of illuminated reindeer looking as if they're pulling it!   A large house covered in Christmas lights with snowmen, Santa and a large Grinch

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Add giant inflatables to really bling up your home and garden.   A house completely covered in Christmas lights

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Lots of people are opting for animated outdoor decorations to up the ante, so to speak.   A wooden summer house decorated to look like Santas grotto

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Throw open your garage doors and turn it into a Santa Grotto.   A house covered in bright neon Christmas lights

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If you really want to impress tracer lights to make it look as if Santa, animals etc. are moving are a must.   A house elegantly covered in bright white and gold Christmas lights

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This elaborate display comprises of 250,000 lights – they obviously have too much money to care about the cost of the electricity when it's lit up.

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