Earth Day is celebrated to remind us that we all have a responsibility for helping to keep our planet safe and that it provides us with life. All over the world people celebrate Earth Day by raising awareness of the earth's precious resources, highlighting ways of reducing our carbon footprint and doing our 'bit' to save the planet. Here's 10 ways you can do your 'bit' this year.   1# Plant a tree or wild flowers. It's easy enough to do if you have your own garden. If you don't you could join a local group and plant collectively. plant-trees

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2# Up your recycling. Most of us are well into the swing of recycling; however, there's always a little bit more we can do. Recycle-bin-007

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3# Save more water. Many of us are very water concious, or at least we like to think we are – but there's always more ways to save water than taking a shower rather than a bath and turning the tap off while brushing our teeth. save_water_2_by_serso

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4# Bike to work. Do this a little more often and you'll also get fitter and save money on fuel. Bicycle commuter

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5# Turn off lights! We're creatures of habit and it seems that this habit is a hard one for some of us to break. Turning lights off when there's no-one in the room is just common sense, surely?   hydro_5001

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6# Wear brown & green, they're the colours of the earth, so show your support by wearing these colours today. dsc_9109

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7# Cook locally sourced food. This will be good for the local growers and lower the amount of air or road miles your food has travelled to reach your plate. EarthTalkLocalFood_Carou

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8# Buy Earth friendly cleaning products. These are the ones that don't pollute your home and the atmosphere.   green-cleaner


9# Clean up street litter. If everyone took their litter home or put it in litter bins there wouldn't be any rubbish in our streets; but they don't and there is, so go out and clean-up! It will make you feel good and the street will look lovely too! article-2114816-12253F58000005DC-585_634x543


10# Build a bird house. Encourage wild birds into your garden by providing them with a shelter.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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