Up the ante this Halloween by steering away from the normal pumpkin heads and sheets draped over children – it's no longer scary and for the most part boring and so yesterday you don't even give the decorations a second glance.   1


Tea light in non-flammable bags placed up the stairs make a real change from spiders hanging from the banisters.   2

Vital Design

Subtle, yet deliberately un-tasteful accessories can make your guests look twice.   3


Bats seem to be 'in' this year; placed in-front of a candle they'll cast a fabulous shadow.   4


A bowl of ivory coloured shrunken skulls is enough to turn heads, especially when placed on a dinner table.   5

 The Home Sitter

Cleverly placed decorative bottles with Halloween style tags are perfect for bringing the vibe into your bathroom or downstairs loo. I'd be tempted to half fill them with different coloured water (using food dyes) just to see who's tempted to remove the corks to have a smell or a taste!   6

 Gallery Hip

Loving these staircase stickers.   7

Moco Choco

If you're going to have a pumpkin the least you can do is put it to good use by filling it with ice to chill your drinks.   8


Use this and your guests will think you've mummified your other half or your mother-in-law!   9


It's not quite the same as kid's with sheets draped over them, and you have to agree it is kinda cute.   10


Thick spiders webs hanging from your lights make a nice change from the normal Halloween décor – just don't forget to place a large spider on the wall too!