10 top tips for turning a rental into a home, with 30 easy solutions

There's more and more of us living in rented accommodation; whether it's short or long-term you need to make the place feel like home if you're to be happy living there. Here's the top ten tips for helping you turn your rental into a home, along with thirty easy and very achievable solutions.

Make it Personal

a) By displaying photographs of family & friends.

Photo wall with lots of picture frames

Cathy Mores

b) By displaying your own art work.

Country living room with exposed wood beams

Living Room Image

c) Adding knick-knacks, groups of candles and fresh flowers.

Red, blue and cream modern living room

House To Home

Keep within the Rules

a) Don't paint the walls unless the landlord says it's okay.

Cream paint being rolled onto a pink wall

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b) Likewise don't paint the splash-back tiles in the kitchen or bathroom.

Grey kitchen tiles being painted cream

Style At Home

c) Don't rip up the carpets, no matter how much you dislike them.

Redecorating with yellow walls and the carpet pulled up

Basically Benita

Getting Your Deposit Back

a) Don't make holes in the walls, no matter how small.

A hole in the wall turned into the mouth of the cookie monster using a pencil drawing


b) Don't have a fire on the living room carpet – sounds absurd but in reality in happens!

Black stains on a cream carpet

Adventures In Laser Cutting

c) Make sure the home is clean throughout.

Spring cleaning a wooden floor while a chocolate Labrador looks at the camera

Plymouth Domestic Cleaning Services

Report Problems Before you Sign

a) Make sure the landlord makes a note of any damage to walls, e.g. faulty, blown plaster.

Yellow paint peeling off a wall

A1 Free Texture and Photos

b) Water stains on ceiling or walls.

Water damaged ceiling panels

Air Better

c) Note any damage or stains to carpets and flooring. Tip: If there's a rug lift it up to see what it may be hiding.

Dirty footprints on a cream carpet

Merchant Circle


a) Hand patterned wallpaper from boards to give plain walls an instant be-me-up.

Festive red wall hangings

Under The Roof Decorating

b) Use fabric rather than wallpaper; it's easy to hang and doesn't cause any problems when removed.

Black and white damask wallpaper

House Decorating Idea

c) As much as you dislike the existing wallpaper don't be tempted to paint over it without permission.

Dark yellow paint rolled onto striped wallpaper

Bob Vila

Wall decals

a) Use wall decals to give a new lease of life to a plain and boring wall.

Black decal of branches, birds and birdcage on a duck egg blue wall

Denver Disco

b) Wall decals with a quote or those which are fun are great for giving your morale a lift.

c) Use decals to disguise marks and stains (once you've made sure the landlord has made a note of

Green and orange frog decal in a bedroom

Wall Flower Online

Get Creative with Soft Furnishings

a) Nothing creates a home better than cushions.

Brown, red and beige curtains and matching cushions on a corner sofa

Gilding The Lily Interiors

b) If you live in a furnished rental use throws to make the sofa and chairs feel more personal to you.

c) Include a variety of textures for visual and tactile stimulation.

Swedish apartment with driftwood style coffee table and skylight windows

Iconic Lights

Add Rugs

a) Rugs are a great way to cover an unsightly or filthy carpet.

Moroccan style living room with dark blues, purple and orange

Wall Flower Online

b) Add a rug to bare floorboards or tiled floors to give a little soft comfort underfoot.

Brown and cream living room, with white corner sofa and red armchair


c) Use rugs to help add a touch of colour and pattern to a plain carpet or floor.

Cozy spring living room with light green and soft pinks

Home Interior Pics

Dress Up The Windows

a) Blinds are a great way to give a window a new look.

Traditionally charming living room with touches of brown and beige - very sophisticated

Fresh Home

b) Add moisture resistant blinds to kitchen and bathroom windows. Tip: Remember to keep the landlords window treatment safe so that you can replace it when you leave without having to pay penalties.

White and cream bathroom with beige roman blinds at the windows, above a bathtub

c) A combination of thermal blinds and curtains are a great way to help keep out nasty draughts from ill fitting or old windows.

Classy living room with lots of cream, beige's and grey sofa



a) Modular furniture is ideal for small rooms as it allows you to re-arrange the seating to suit the space within the room.

Beige corner sofa in a high ceiling modern living room


b) If you're on a low budget use a mix and match of styles to create a trendy look.

White living room with hardwood floors, one pink sofa and one grey sofa

All Who Wander

c) If the rental comes fully furnished try and work with it by using soft furnishings of your choice.

Eclectic coloured living room with white sofa and green patterned armchairHouzz

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