If you live in a luxury home you'll need to reflect your wealth, and good taste, by including all the trimmings on your patio. A simple table and chairs won't do! You need to dazzle the neighbours, friends and family by providing them with all the creature comforts they'd find inside your home, and something more. 1# Hot tub Usable all year round a hot tub, with all the whistles and bells, is a must-have, more especially if you don't have enough space or the amenities for a pool. traditional-patio


2# Cinema and TV Outdoor cinemas and outdoor plasma TVs are a show of wealth that will make you the envy of the neighbourhood. may_blog3_outdoorhometheatre_bogart


3# Heat Chilly evenings and posh don't go hand-in-hand! Heat is essential if you're going to make the most of your posh patio. 51II5ZIz1GL._SX300_


4# Seating comfort It goes without saying that comfortable seating is necessary. Plump cushions on armchairs and large sofas enable you to stay outside in comfort. best-luxury-patio-furniture-and-luxury-patio-furniture-clearance-16-astounding-luxury-patio-furniture-29


5# Underfoot comfort From polished marble, wood decking and natural stone, there's plenty of choices for patio flooring. Add further comfort and colour with an area rug on the seating area. square-outdoor-rug-2b

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6# No tacky ornaments, only sculpture Authentic, antique gnomes may fetch silly prices, but you won't find them on, or anywhere near, a posh patio! Bespoke, single sculptural pieces should be the talking point. Apple_0

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7# Fire pit One of the latest trends, a fire pit is another add-on for a posh patio. outdoor-fire-pit-and-patio-ideas-_11240_750_500


8# Top of the range barbecue Outdoor dining has moved to another level with fully fitted outdoor kitchens and state-of-the-art barbecues. barbecue

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9# Shade Used for aesthetics as well as providing shade from the sun, these can also shield you from light showers and help prevent your expensive furniture from becoming drenched. adding-shade-outdoors-with-triangular-nylon-shade-sails-outdoor-living-patio-repurposing-upcycling

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10# Lighting Whether you go for contemporary, designer lights to those with more rustic charm, just like the inside of your home, your patio lights should compliment the design and style, as well as providing a range of different lighting levels.

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