Not all men have a sense of design style! However, with a little research and a penchant for good living a man can create a fabulous looking home that oozes style. These 10 tips are the main things every man should bare in mind when choosing his décor.   1# Mismatching – it's fine to mismatch furniture and furnishings, just so long as they have a common theme.   more-mismatched-dining-chairs

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2# Match your home to your personality – it's your home after all, so your choice of décor should reflect who you are. Don't be afraid to show your feminine side. art-living-room-design-ideas-with-stylish-wall-decoration

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3# Add accessories just for show – you may think accessories are pointless, but you'll need to include them to stop your home becoming dull, boring and bland. masculine-modern-interior-design-decor-1


Old works well with new – just like mismatching, it's fine to have old and new in the same room if they have common ground. best-room-design-ideas-for-men-with-18-photos-of-the-living-rooms-for-men-decorating-ideas


5# Dressing up the sofa – sofas without cushions, and even a throw, are like beds without sheets! Cushions can be masculine, try using ones with solid colours, leather or suede. Wall Art Decorations For Living Room DIY-4

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6# Get an accent chair – be the master in your own home and allocate an accent chair that's strictly for you! red-accent-chairs-for-living-room


7# Add greenery – plants, especially those without flowers, can add visual impact, texture and in some cases height to a room. If you're not very good at looking after plants go for low maintenance cacti or air-plants. C

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8# Include some artwork – bare walls are eye-sores! Add some designer artwork to show that you have a taste for the arts. репродукции-картин-на-холсте-для-дизайна-интерьера-5

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9# Include a rug – think large and chunky if you want a rug with masculine appeal. img60o

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10# Have a bar – home bars are bang on-trend; they don't have to be large and OTT just as long as it's well stocked! article-2284971-184F0E1A000005DC-831_634x423

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