Latest design innovations always include a host of recycled and upcycled furniture pieces. Some are very useable in most homes, while others are aimed for a specific type of person. Take a look at these awesome recycled furniture ideas and you’ll see what I mean. Love them or loathe them you have to admit that many are a much better way of using waste without resorting to landfill sites. 1.

Design Swan

Approximately 2,000 keyboard keys have been mounted on a Baltic birch bench to create this awesome piece of furniture which is as kind to your backside as it the environment. 2.

Twenty Two Words

Old suitcases have been put to good use to make airport benches. I wonder if they came from unclaimed luggage and if so, what’s happened to the contents?......has that been recycled too? 3.

Xcite Fun

Furniture made by recycling bike parts never fails to amaze; loving this awesome chair. 4.

Web Urbanist

Ever wondered what an earth to do with your old CDs? You could always be inspired and turn them into an amazing chair. 5.

Furniture Site

Stylishly simple this stunning rocking chair is made from recycled strips of tyres. 6.

Do You Love Where You Live

‘RememberMe’ chair made from compressed denim jeans; especially for those who can’t bear the thought of throwing their jeans away! 7.

Design Buzz

If you’re a computer nerd and have lots of binary circuit boards knocking around you could always transform them into stunning pieces of furniture. 8.


Another great way to recycle old bicycle wheels – looks much nicer than seeing them dumped at the side of the road. 9.


Black paper chair – how amazing is this? Lightweight and portable this chair made from black paper is awesome. 10.

2014 Interior Design Ideas

We’ve seen lots of furniture made from recycled wooden pallets, but this has to be one of my favourites.  

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