10 Of This Year's Best Additions To Your Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Remodelling your home takes on a whole new meaning if you follow interior design trends. This year there are some fabulous ways to improve your home and your quality of life.  

1# A garden guest house Garden studio room in a traditional house shape made from wood, with two floors and big glass front

I Joist Flooring

Having a separate little house designed especially for guests is one of the biggest trends this year. These aren't cobbled together shacks, but fabulous self-contained luxury home-from-homes.

2# Chic shed Garden shed in cream with purple door, gardening tools inside

Seasoned Homemaker

Chic sheds are bang on-trend. Brightly painted, you can give your garden a boost of year round colour and a place to store your gardening tools.

3# Cool pet haven Taupe mudroom cabinets with built in dog bed and cupboard and drawer storage


Pets beds are set to become bigger and better. Having a cool pet haven is more than just giving your pet a place of their own to lie down. It's all about giving them a luxurious retreat within the comforts of your home.

4# A book nook Grey, light green and cream reading nook under a wall of bookshelves

Tidy Books

Book corners and nooks have been around for years. However, this year they're a must-have addition to your home.

5# A pillow room A dark room with blue lighting, coffee table and chair and lots of pillows on the floor

Studio Ripatti

Ditch the sofa and chairs and replace them with bumper sized pillows. A pillow room is ideal for any age, kids, teens and the young at heart will love the relaxing, chill out zone.

6# Horizontal shower A float shelf contains a vertical shower, which you lie down in

Pop Sugar

We all know the benefits of showering and the water savings that can be made, but this year showers have gone horizontal, which means you can reap the benefits and lay down at the same time.

7# Star gazing roof A couple on a bed looking up through a skylight at a dark blue night sky with stars


Don't lie in bed and look at a blank ceiling, invest in a star gazing roof for an ever changing visual experience.

8# Wine storage Bending wooden staircase that turns 90 degrees half way up

Home Edit

This year wine storage is taken to another level. if you appreciated a decent glass or two make sure that everyone can see your impressive wine collection.

9# Conversation pit Conversational area with four cream corner sofa making a square seating area, covered in different coloured cushions


A bit of a kick-back from the 70s, conversation pits are back on-trend.

10# Outdoor fire pit Four curved benches facing each other in a circle with fire pit in the middle


Outdoor living is becoming an all-year round feature in many people's lives. Having a fire pit means that you don't have to wait until summer to enjoy the great outdoors in the comfort of your own garden.

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