10 of the most amazing things to make from your old books now that you have a kindle

Why take you old books to a charity shop when you can turn them into amazing things for your home. You may want to keep some of your most loved books, maybe you're on a complete de-clutter and want to use the space taken up with copious numbers of read books, after all you have a Kindle and won't ever be picking up a paper book again. Whatever your reasons I've found some of the most amazing things people have made from their old books; recycling at its best. Multicoloured table made from old books


  1. A table and chairs made from used books would look great indoors or on the patio during the summer.
A book that has been turned into a purse, containing money and phone

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  1. Turn an old book into a clutch bag to hold your Kindle!
A headboard for a bed made from open books

Design Everyday Blog

  1. This amazing headboard is made from open books.
Stacked books behind a bed used as a headboard

Home Edit

  1. Don't have the time or inclination to make a headboard like the one above – no worries, just stack-up your old books into piles behind your bed and voilà an instant headboard made from old books.
A bathtub made from the spines of old books

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  1. If you like relaxing in a hot bath with a book you'll love this bath made from books.
A round floor panel made from the spines of old books


  1. An amazing style of rug made from book spines.
Home office desk made from stacked books


  1. This amazing desk is made from books and is used as an information desk in a library.
A wall light set within an open book


  1. Make a lamp from an old book.
A vase made from a recycled book

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  1. A vase made from an old book is a great up-cycling project.
A pile of books with flowers growing through them

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10. Grab a pile of books, drill some holes large enough to hold a test-tube and you have an trendy style of vase.

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