10 lovely little loft beds to free-up your floor space

With homes becoming smaller loft beds are becoming increasingly popular. They're great space savers and can be fitted into adult, teenager's and young children's rooms. They're perfect for studios and apartments too, allowing much needed floor space to be freed-up with out the need for the constant rearranging of furniture. Loft bed in a guest room with a desk


Perfect for small bedrooms this little loft bed fits snugly in the space behind the door. Raised loft bed with sofa space underneath

Living In A Shoebox

The perfect loft bed for a teenager's space. Suspended loft bed with dining table underneath it


Studio living takes on a whole new concept with this space saving loft bed. Loft bed with storage space underneath, decorating with grass decal wall art


This loft bed frees-up the floor space wonderfully. Loft bed with underneath storage in a white room


Chic compact living space which oozes style. Adult modern bunk bed in white and black


Loft beds can be viewed as the modern equivalent to bunk beds; but you have to admit they certainly have more style. Grey and cream modern living space with loft bed above an office desk and mirrored storage

HGTV Decor

This loft bed is ideal when you simply can't leave the office. Queen size white loft bed frame in a white and cream room

Beds Designs

One room living at its best. White and teal bunk bed in a white room

Interior Design

Loft beds give great additional space for teens sleep overs. Traditional white living room with a white loft bed

Tuning PP

Loft beds can look just as cool in a traditional style of apartment.

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