If you're one of millions who love all the glitz and glamour of sparkly decorations, and love bling there's little doubt that you'll go the whole hog, so to speak, this Christmas. Just in case you're stuck for ideas here's 10 fabulous ways to bling-up your Christmas!   1.


If you're seriously into the festive season you need to bling-up your vehicle with masses of fairy lights! 2.

Shiny Shiny

Bring festive bling into the office with a shiny, sparkly bauble mouse. 3

Thoughts From Over The Rainbow

Don't settle for the average foliage door wreath, bling it up big with shiny baubles, bows and trim – basically the more you can get on there the better. 4.


Go completely OTT by blinging-up your front garden as much as possible. 5.


Turn your office cubicle into a magical Christmas fairy grotto. 6.

Brenda Home

If you're going to have outdoor decorations make sure you go BIG – after all you want to get them noticed! 7.

Trend Hunter

Don't settle for any old angle or star for the top of your tree, use a crystal one instead. 8.

Voucher Codes

Make sure your tree decorations are gold and sparkly. 9.

Chateau De Lille

Add fluffy angel wings to the back of your dining room chairs. 10.

Inventor Spot

If you're serious about bling don't forget your pet.