10 big fat decorating mistakes

There’s plenty of blunders and mistakes which can spoil the entire look of a room – turning cheap to chic and drab to fab may not turn out as you’d hoped for. Take a look at our 10 decorating mistakes to see where you may have gone wrong. We’re not saying all of these are right or necessarily wrong but they’re certainly worth giving some consideration to; especially as many of the fabulous transformations have been carried out by interior designers who helped people with their decorating blunders.

1. Trying to cram in too much furniture into a room. This probably the biggest mistake made. Sometimes you have to remember less is definitely more. Purple and lilac bedroom with before and after image

Rayna Marlee

2. Not making sure your furniture fits. Why have furniture that swamps a room and gives little space for easy manoeuvre? Likewise why settle for small furniture when you have more than enough space to accommodate larger. Size does matter when to comes to creating a stylish room. Plain cream bedroom as a before image, and a classy duck egg blue bedroom as the after image

Niche Interiors

3. Allowing clutter This is the biggest no-no and despite being advised countless times so many people still let clutter ruin the look of their homes. Before image with small black table and shoes on a rug, after there are two sets of white shoe drawers

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4. Having poor and inadequate lighting Again not having the right type or sufficient lighting can change the whole dynamics of a room. If you room lacks natural light use mirrors and pale colours to make it feel light and airy. Before a small box room, after a luxury cream and brown room with wall art

Big Bobz

5. Not choosing your colour palette before you choose your furniture Oh dear, this happens all too often – you fall in love with furniture without thinking about your colour scheme. The end result usually means to make the furniture look good you either have to redecorate or change the colour of the furniture. Before image with dark furniture in a light blue room, after image with light grey furniture instead

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6. Not keeping to your budget A trap that’s very easy to fall into; there’s enough debt problems around in the current economic climate so don’t stress yourself out by overspending. You won’t enjoy your new room if the weight of the debt to pay for it lays heavily on your mind. Before a light cream dining room, after it's light blue with a green rug


7. Insufficient variety of colour and texture Bland is boring – it’s true and bland won’t make you feel good about your room, in fact it can be downright depressing. You don’t have to go overboard and use garish colour – add pops of colour and a variety of textures and your room can easily be transformed. Blue canvas before image, and for the after image white geometric circles and patterns have been painted on to the blue canvas

Sisters Suitcase

8. Not showing off your windows Another area where many people fall down on. For some reason windows and window dressing are neglected or only considered as an afterthought when they really should be included as a fundamental part of the overall design. Before a plain cream bedroom, after there are grey and beige stripes on the wall and it's brighter

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9. Placing furniture against the walls This style of furniture place went out with the ark so to speak – as blunt as it may sound people are still adamant about pushing their sofa and chairs against a wall. If you want your living room to look like a waiting room that’s fine – if you don’t move them away from the walls – jaunty angles are great! Same cream room before and after, but with a new white rug and the sofa is now in front of the window

PJ Home Styling

10. Not having a focal point A room without a focal point is like a room with no character or purpose. Without a focal point the eyes wander aimlessly around and can’t settle making an uncomfortable feeling and somewhat hostile atmosphere. Using a focal point ensures that peace and harmony reign – just make sure it blends appropriately with the rest of your décor. Traditional kitchen with wooden units, now unit doors are cream and there is over head storage

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