10 amazing home projects that cost under £20

Get creative and make some note worthy pieces for your home. Take some inspiration from these amazing home projects that cost less the £20 to make.

This amazing picture is made from cardboard tubes, the type you find inside loo rolls. It has to be one of the cheapest ways to create a piece f wall art that's actually worth displaying in your home. Estimated Cost: £9 Cardboard tubes £0.00. Glue: £1.50 Frame: £5.00 from a bargain store. Paint: £2.50

Pet Bed Purple bedroom with teal bedside table that doubles as a dog bed

Top Dreamer

Give your pet a place to sleep right next to your bed by transforming a chest of drawers into a bedside table for you and a bed for your pet. Estimated Cost: £18 Chest of drawers: £5.00 from a boot fair, or use one you already have. Paint: £5.00 Dog Bed Fabric £3.00 Dog Bed Filling: £5.00

Little Shelves Silver spoons attached to a yellow wall and used to store pegs, string and paperclips

Exam Suites

Old spoons and ladles make stylish little places to hold bits and bobs. Estimated Cost: £1.20 each Spoons: £0.00 if you raid your grannies cutlery draw! £1.00 each from a boot fair. Screws: £0.20 each

Jewellery Display Wooden driftwood attached to a wall, with hooks on it for hanging jewellery

Buzz Feed

This is a fabulous way to make a necklace display. Estimated Cost: £2.50 - £15.00 Wood: £0.00 If you go for a walk in the woods. Door knobs: £0.50 each from a boot fair or starting from £3.00 from a DIY store.

Seat DIY stool made from a stack of books, with a brown cushion on the top attached with two brown belts

Sad to Happy Project

Make good use of your old magazines by turning them into a comfy place to perch. Estimated Cost: £14.50 Magazines: £0.00 Belts: £2.50 each from a boot fair or charity shop. Cushion: £5.00 Base: Made from MDF off-cuts £4.50 Paint: £0.00 use any left-over paint you have!

Cork Board A board made from win bottle corks, with a picture of a dog pinned to it

Home Beauty and Beyond

Make a cork board using wine bottle corks – a great idea to drink more wine! Estimated Cost: £8.50 Corks: £0.00 Glue: £3.50 Frame: £5.00 from a charity shop or boot fair.

Tea Light Holder Lit candles in coffee cups, wedged in the centre of the cup by coffee beans filling the cup

Sad to Happy Project

Make a sweet smelling tea light holder using stale coffee beans – they're no good for grinding, but don't throw them away! Estimated Cost: £2.20 each Containers: £2.00 Tea Lights: £0.20 Coffee Beans: £0.00

Vases Light blue painted glass bottles containing white flowers

The Blissery

Recycle empty bottles by turning them into a fashionable way to display flowers. For best effects use odd numbers, 3, 5, 7 etc. Estimated Cost: 5.00 Bottles: £0.00 Paint: £5.00

Micro Indoor Pond Clear glass teacup containing water and plant life

DIY Home Life

How cute is this little micro pond! It will look gorgeous in any style of home. Estimated Cost: £1.00 Cup: £1.00 from a charity shop or boot fair. Plants: £0.00 if you ask people with a pond for some cuttings. Accessories: £0.00 use 'treasures' you've found on the beach, in the woods or park.

Handy Holders DIY holder for keys, post, pens and towels - made from a tennis ball

Scan Free

Add a touch of fun to your home by making these handy holders from old tennis balls. Estimated Cost: £0.75 Tennis Ball: £0.00 use old ones. Eyes: £00.75 or free if you draw them on.

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