How to know when it's time to add additional lighting to a dark room

The lighting in your home can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought when it comes to decorating and this is a shame because with proper lighting any space can be made into something special.

Lighting is vital to our every day lives, and our homes need some form of illumination so that we can carry out those daily tasks that need to be done when we need to do them. In days gone by people could only work when there was enough daylight to see by or work using candles or oil lamps.

Obviously the control we have over our lighting these days is incredible compared to that and something most of us take for granted. The flick of a switch or the press of a button gives us illumination in every area of our homes and we can use this development to our best advantage with a little thought and planning.

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Daylight, or natural light, is still considered the best form of lighting both in the home and the workplace. There are many reasons for this, one being that natural light is considered to be beneficial to our health and well-being. But what can you do if the supply of natural light to your room is low or even non existent, as can be the case when you have few or indeed no windows or sky lights. If you are unable or unwilling to commit to extensive renovations to add new windows then you will need to look at alternative options such as adding lamps or lights and any other forms of illuminations that you feel your room can take.

Most houses have at least one room that is dark and without too much natural light. Hallways, bathrooms and even kitchens can seem dark, cold and uninviting if this is the case. So what can we do to increase the light in out rooms? Well, there are so many options available these days that there is little doubt that even the darkest or dimmest room can be made into a warm, welcoming area. You just need to do a little planning, and no matter where it is or even how dim it might be your problem can be solved.

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If you find that you are avoiding using a particular room or space in your home, or if you constantly bump into items of furniture or pets then you probably have an area of concern in your home. If you feel cold or unsettled when you are sitting in a particular room despite the heating being quite sufficient then again you have an area that would probably benefit from an extra light source. Perhaps you have redecorated a room but still feel that it's not the space that you were trying to create, the ambience just isn’t quite right, then again you need to look at your lighting arrangements.

Firstly it is important to understand that when we say lighting it does not necessarily mean bringing over bright or stark lighting to an area. Your lighting can be as bright or as subtle as you wish.

The use of various styles of fittings, as well as the use of dimmer switches wherever possible, will enable you to control your lighting and give just the right level of brightness for your purpose. The use of dimmer switches will also save you money as when your lights are dimmed they will use less energy and therefore cost you less to run.

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Before you commit to any purchase take a good look at your room, decide why it looks dark and perhaps cold, think about why the lighting you have currently is not giving you the effect that you want. Think also about the effect that you want to achieve, do you want a bright overall light or a subtle subdued light. Remember that you can add several layers of lighting to a room so that it is possible to create different ambient feeling when different lights are used.

A single bright illumination from a centre ceiling light can be enhanced with table lamps or floor lamps. In contemporary and minimalist homes lengths of LED strips can be used to bring a stylish lighting effects to dark areas without cluttering the space with table lamps. In contrast shabby chic, farmhouse, country and traditional decorating motifs will benefit from a table or floor lamps to illuminate dark areas.

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