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What’s The Difference Between Up-lighting and Down-lighting?

The initial answer to this might seem pretty obvious but when you go into a bit more detail then the differences can perhaps be the making or breaking of your rooms décor.

Firstly let’s look at up-lighters. As in all types of lighting and light fittings there is a huge variety of up-lighters to choose from. Up-lighting is a useful tool to cast light in places where it might be difficult to reach with a normal type of light, like across the base of a wall or in a dark corner.

Up-lights can be fixed in the steps on a stair to give a subdued, diffused light that gives a stylish touch to your lighting, but is also good for safety reasons.

Up-lighting in a skirting board, or along the edge of your flooring, can lift a rooms brightness without being overpowering, and a few well placed up-lighters in a dark corner can create a moody, almost sensual ambience.

Next let’s take a look at down-lighting. Down-lights are basically any type of light fitting that directs a beam of light downwards, pretty obvious you might say, but there are several ways that this can be done to create a variety of effects.

The idea of down-lighting is that the light given is angled to create the effect of highlighting a certain area or item, down-lighting can be used on a wall to give a subdued light across any given area or to perhaps cast a subtle shade along a stair way or corridor. They can be shady or bright depending on the level of brightness you want and the effect you are trying to create.

Down-lighting can also be used in places where brighter light is needed in say a kitchen where several small down lights over worktops or a central island can give a focussed beam that brightens the room, and gives a good light to work by.

A good idea here is to use a dimmer so that when the kitchen is not in use, or whilst dining, the light can be reduced somewhat to create a more ambient mood.

A great use of down-lighting is to create a space in a dark corner for reading or perhaps handicrafts, where the light is directed to a particular spot and doesn’t interfere with the rest of the room.

Both up-lighting and down-lighting can be used throughout the home to create all sorts of different looks and it might be a good idea to browse our site to see what sort of things are available, and how you would use this type of lighting to create the look you want in your home.

Don’t forget that both up-lighting and down-lighting can also be used outside to create different lighting effects in your garden or on your porch.
Also remember to look for LED light fittings that will give your lighting longer running life and be most cost effective to run.

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