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Statement Lighting For Adding A Signature Feature To Your Home

Statement lighting can be anything that gives your room that 'wow' factor, that little something that puts your personal stamp on your décor. And these days there is so much choice that you can go wild, pretty much anything is achievable although cost may be a factor you need to remember.

There are so many different and various styles and types of light and light fitting that the choice might seem endless. It is important therefore to have an idea of what you are looking for before you buy or else you might get side tracked and come away with something totally different from your original plan.

Many people design their room décor without giving much thought at all to the light fixtures and fittings, this is a big mistake and a wasted opportunity. The right signature lighting can take a nice room into the realms of brilliance. It can bring a whole new ambience and feel to a room and remember a good statement piece can be anything from a bespoke chandelier to a novelty lamp or just a cleverly situated string of LED’s.

Remember that your lights don’t just have to illuminate a dark corner or hang limply from the ceiling like some forgotten relic. With the huge choice at your fingertips these days you can achieve wonderful effects in every room of your home quite easily.

A great statement light fitting is like a wonderful piece of art or sculpture and can become more than just a source of light for your room.

You can use down-lighters or up-lighters to cast moody shadows across walls or floors, you can have spotlights to highlight a set piece, perhaps a picture or a special ornament, and you can place a charming floor lamp in a favourite corner for sitting under to read.

No matter what look you are trying to achieve you can do it with a little care. Take your time with your planning and make sketches and drawings of the style of lamps and light fittings you want. It may even be possible to get a specialist shop to make original fixtures for you, always a good talking point with visitors.

Don’t be afraid to use coloured bulbs to create a dramatic look or use lamp shades to enhance your colour scheme. There is no hard and fast rule as to whether your lighting must match but it is a good idea to tie the room together with either a colour or style.

Spend time looking in magazines and take a look at the lighting in other people’s homes, inspiration can come from all sorts of places. Take a look at interior design websites, they can be a wonderful source of ideas and you can browse from the luxury of your own sofa and in your own time.

Play around with ideas, mix and match different styles, remember your statement light is just that and should reflect your personality. If you like it and it matches your taste then go with it and enjoy your own unique style.

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