Task lighting: lighting advice to help you focus around the home

Task lighting refers to lighting that is extremely directional. In other words a light source that increases light in a particular area so that you can perform a particular task with more visibility. This is usually done so that the rest of the room is undisturbed and separated from the extra pool of light.

That said task lighting is not just about more light it is also about a better quality of light, as in brightness and light quality, and also contrast which can mean the difference between good or poor lighting. The use of task lighting around the home might be something that you haven’t factored in to your lighting plan and often the opportunity to use specific task lights is missed.

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If you have a desk or work station, or if you read or knit or sew, then this specific place is ideal for a directional task light. From stand alone moveable lamps to permanently fixed strip lights or down-lights fitted into ceilings or walls, task lighting can give just the right amount and type of light that you need in a given specific area.

Consider also the use of task lighting inside wardrobes or desks to illuminate dark corners. This type of lighting can be installed to come on as the doors are opened so that usage is minimal, and takes away the need for groping around to find light switches or pull cords.

The use of LED bulbs in these types of task lights can vastly reduce the power consumption and therefore cost. In the kitchen task lighting would be the use of down-lighting over worktops to give a more directional and a brighter light to work by. Remember to use dimmers here so that the brightness is controllable and can be reduced when needed.

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Task lighting inside cabinets can give a nice backdrop to your favourite ornaments or specific items that you want to highlight, and this can be as bright or as subtle as your need dictates. Another use is under shelving to illuminate and brighten a certain area. If your children have work desks for homework or hobbies then this is the place to fit good task lighting.

A stylish desk lamp or a swan necked floor lamp that can be angled to suit their need would be perfect in this situation. Remember that good task lighting can also reduce the need for using your main lighting and this can save on power consumption all around the home, particularly if you use long-life LED bulbs at every opportunity.

Task lighting is invaluable in the workshop too and anyone with a hobby needs to consider the implementation of a good light system so that the work space is safe and well illuminated. Take another look around your home and you may well be surprised to find that you could use task lighting for many areas that need a more intense light source.

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