Mood lighting: lighting advice to help you relax around the home

Mood lighting is the use of light to enhance the atmosphere around your home. It can be subtle or intense depending on the mood you are attempting to create. If you are looking for a relaxing style consider soft coloured lighting in subdued tones to create a quiet cosy atmosphere.

The lighting in your home is one of the most important things that you need to consider when designing your décor. Unfortunately it is usually also one of the most neglected things. Most people have no idea of the massive change that can be brought about just by the use of particular types and styles of lighting strategically placed around the room.

Funky Bar Mood Lighting

We have all at some point walked into a room, perhaps even a lighting showroom and been overawed at the effect that certain lights can give, be it a huge crystal chandelier or a bank of coloured spotlights. That is what mood lighting is all about. Remember the lava lamp, well that was one of the first types of mood light. The idea of mood lighting is that you create the ambience that you want in a given space.

Quite often mood lighting is coloured so that you can achieve a certain look and style quite easily. In the bedroom perhaps subtle, subdued and softly coloured lights will give a restful ambience, whilst in the kitchen where the mood needs to be brighter and more active a bank of white spotlights will give great atmosphere. Remember to use dimmers so that a calmer and more subdued lighting effect can be created whilst dining.

Dark Blue Wall, Two Headed Floor Lamp And Dim Lit Brown Sofa

In the lounge where for the most part a relaxed atmosphere is needed, you can transform a cold and impersonal room into a cosy family space with the use of some cleverly placed lamps or down-lights. Remember to use dimmers and coloured bulbs for best effect. In a child’s bedroom the lighting needs to be bright by day for play and fun, but subdued and relaxing for later on when a little calm is needed to wind down the day.

Again colour can play a huge part in this type of lighting making it fun as well as useful and practical. In the garden mood lighting can create a lovely relaxing corner where evenings can be spent relaxing over a glass of wine or two. Here you can make use of solar power and this means very little cost, which is always a bonus. Take a look at your existing room and consider how the ambience could be enhanced by the introduction of mood lighting.

Take a little time to watch how normal daylight changes the look of your room throughout the course of the day and this will give you ideas of where and how to use lighting to enhance your room. Browse our website from the comfort of your arm chair to see what is available and what designs you could use in your home.

Two Headed Floor Lamp, Grey Sofa, Cushions And Throw

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