How to match a lamp to you existing home decor and design scheme

Quite often the purchase of a new lamp can be rather rushed and as a consequence the lamp chosen does not give the desired effect when placed into position. This is a shame because the right lamp with the right lamp shade can be the finishing touch needed to lift your home décor from every day into extra special.

Many people overlook lighting when it comes to designing their décor, opting for just an ordinary ceiling light that casts an ambient light across the whole room, leaving the space lacking in warmth, colour and style. You only have to take a look at some of the designer pages of a home decorating magazine or browse through a few online interior design sites to see the wonderful effects that the right lighting can give. The colours and styles within the genre of light fittings today is enormous making lighting one of the easiest and often cheapest ways to transform your room quickly and easily.

That said choosing the right lamp for your finished décor can be a little daunting as the choice is so huge and varied that you might just decide on the first lamp that seems to fit. To avoid making a mistake just take a little time to decide. Look at what other people have chosen, look at the existing light that you have in your room already, and most of all try to visualise the lighting effect that you want.

Something to consider is the type of lamp that you want in your room. With so many choices you need to decide if you want a floor lamp, table lamp or a directional lamp such as a desk light. Each lamp will give a different effect and create a different look for your room. Of course there is no reason that you cannot have several lamps in several styles throughout your room as different areas will need their own light source, and having the choice of which lamp to use in which part of the room will enable you to create optimum lighting styles.

If you have no existing lamps at all then adding lamps to your room may well be slightly easier as you can choose designs and styles that match each other and blend with your design scheme. If you have a lamp already then it may be possible to match your new lamp to it, or it might bring a fresh new look to your room if you add a slightly different style of lamp that only matches in style or colour.

Your home décor and design are unique to your tastes and as such reflect your likes and perhaps dislikes in colours, designs and overall fashion. Matching your new lamp will probably be easier that you think, as you will find that you are drawn to lamps that match your taste and these will in turn compliment the soft furnishings, furniture and decorating motif you have already chosen throughout your home.

If you still can’t decide it is sometimes a good idea to pick out a certain colour, pattern or fixture and match your new lamps to this. You will then get a wonderful coordinated feel to your room without it feeling to contrived and ‘matchy’. Remember that your lamps need to be useful as well as decorative and choose accordingly. If you have a lamp with a shade that can only take a low energy bulb in a situation where you need a lot of light then your desired effect will be lost. Conversely if you put an overly bright lamp where you want a comfy shady nook then again the effects will be less than satisfactory.

It is important to choose lamps that fit the area where you wish to use them. If you are placing a floor lamp then try to situate it where it will not be in the way of people moving around the room. If you need to use a table lamp be sure that it’s shade does not make it top heavy and unstable. and remember never put it in a place where it could be knocked over and become damaged. With so much choice there's plenty of ways you can match a lamp to your existing home décor and design scheme. It's just a matter of taking your time to find the lamp that coordinates beautifully.

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