How often should I replace a lamp?

There is no easy answer to this question apart from the obvious that if your lamp becomes old and unsafe it should be changed immediately. Many people that have had the same lamp for many years and are still perfectly happy with it, but obviously if you want to change your room décor then an easy way to do this is by changing your lamps.

Those old chintz shades perhaps don’t work well with your new modern look and your new yellow curtains clash against that orange lamp in the corner.

White Lampshade On Twine Covered Lamp, Plant And Light Blue Background

Lamps are an important part of your rooms lighting design and as such need to be kept clean and in good condition. Never use a lamp that is damaged or faulty as you may run the risk of a fire or even an electric shock. If wires are bare or damaged unplug your lamp immediately and do not use it again. Clean your lamps regularly, remembering to never get electrical fittings wet, to make them look brighter. Dust or hoover lamp shades and replace light bulbs as and when it becomes necessary.

That said, if you have lamps that are in good condition and working well then you need not worry about changing them unless you no longer like their style. However, as previously mentioned, if you want to revamp your room in a quick and easy fashion then replacing your existing lamps with something different can give huge rewards for a nominal cost.

If you have had your lamps for a long time it is quite possible that they are a little out of date and might well give your room a rather tired look that detracts from your stylish new wallpaper, furniture or new flooring. It's a shame to spend good money on some aspects of your rooms décor whilst neglecting others, such as lighting.

Lamp With Two Heads, Next To Sofa, Cushions And Throw

If you have changed the look in your room then you may well want to finish the look with some new lamps. The choice is huge and cost wise can be whatever you want to pay be it a lot or just a little. Take a little time and browse to see what types of lamps are available, imagine what they will look like in your home setting, and remember that Terrys Fabrics will give you a full money back guarantee, so if you do make a mistake it isn’t the end of the world.

Your home is your special place and your lighting can be the finishing touch that makes your room look and feel cosy, warm and inviting. Use a stunning new lamp to highlight a corner where you can sit and read, or add a coloured bulb with a bright animal print shade to a child’s room to give a fun feel to their play area. There are plenty of styles, designs and colours of lighting available to compliment the style and décor of your home. Take a little time to think about the main lighting and replace old table lamps and floor lamps when you find that they no longer provide you with the look and lighting effect you need.

Bed Side Lamp With White Lampshade

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