The Importance of Location: Choosing the Right Spot for Your New Lamp

When it comes to adding the right type of lighting to your room many people get it wrong, this might mean choosing the wrong sort of light fitting, the wrong type of lamp shade or simply placing the lamp in the wrong place. When it comes to lighting location is everything, the nicest lamp in the world can look completely lost in the wrong place or simply be overlooked if positioned incorrectly.

When choosing your new lamp you need to consider what it is going to be used for, this means what do you want your new lamp to do for both you and your room. You may be looking to add some ambient light across your room or to create a soft glow in a cosy corner or simply wanting to add a directional light for reading or sewing. The purpose of your light needs to be taken into account before you buy and most definitely before you position your new light.

There is an enormously diverse choice in lamps and lighting available, so much so that you may find the whole task of making a purchase a very difficult one and this would be a shame as buying a new item to enhance you home décor should not be a chore but an exciting pleasure. Take a little time to browse the options before you choose. Try not to make any impulsive decisions as this can lead to unnecessary disappointments.

Once you have decided what you want from your lamp you can then choose the correct lamp for your location. Lamps can be expensive and so you don’t want to have your new lamp hidden behind other items of furniture. Make the most of your choice by placing your new lamp in a good position where it can be seen at its best and provide the light source your require.

If you need a directional light source then choose a stylish floor standing lamp or a table lamp with a stunning statement shade. Place your standard or floor standing lamp beside your chair where the detail of it can be seen. If you have a statement shade then make sure it is in view as it is a waste to have it hidden from sight.

If you are going for a smaller table lamp then try to place it on a small occasional table or perhaps a side board or even a piano so that it can be seen in all its glory. If you can arrange your lamp so that it is on a shiny reflective surface you will create an ambient glow which reflectsbeautifully both upwards and downwards.

If you have chosen a spotlight type of lamp then you may well benefit from having it directed at a particular spot, either a dark corner or even towards a favourite piece of furniture or painting. Spotlights can be a little harsh at times so make sure that your light is not directed where it will cause an unpleasant and overly bright light that might be too distracting. Using coloured light bulbs in spotlights can bring a funky modern feel to a room.

The type of light you will get from your new lamp will depending on the type of light bulb you have chosen, and again as in light fittings there is an enormously diverse range. Some light bulbs will give you bright directional light and others will give a more diffused and low level type of lighting. Remember too that you can use coloured light bulbs to enhance the effects of your lighting system.

Lamps can be used throughout the home and every room can benefit from the addition of a good statement lamp. In the bedroom lamps are a must to create the right atmosphere, if you read in bed you will need a well placed fairly bright lamp and for those romantic more intimate moments a soft mellow light will create just the right effect.

People often neglect the use of lamps in bathrooms and kitchens but these rooms too can benefit from adding a lamp or two. In the bathroom where for the most part a bright directional light is needed for tasks like shaving or applying make-up a statement lamp with a more mellow type of light can create a warm relaxing mood for those long soaks in the bath, remember to use coloured light bulbs for extra effect, also ensure that the lamp isn't placed anywhere it can fall into the bath water or sink.

In the kitchen where lighting is a very important component and good bright light is essential for over worktops and counters people sometimes forget to add a little softer lighting for intimate dining or those times when a more relaxed atmosphere is required. Table lamps on dressers or even windowsills can be useful for these times. If you have the space try adding a modern floor lamp that will give a pool of soft light across the floor.

Hallways too can benefit from a stylish statement lamp. Try adding a table lamp with a large coloured shade to give a modern feel and a warm welcome to visitors, or an eclectic designer shade to brighten up a dark passageway.

One thing to remember with stand alone lamps is safety, always make sure that your lamp is in a good position where it cannot be knocked or tipped over. If you need to trail a lead to get your lamp in the right position then make sure the lead is covered either using a rug or a piece of heavy furniture, trailing cables and leads can be extremely dangerous in the home. In the bathroom or kitchen make sure your lights are the correct type for the area where you wish to place them and never have electrical fittings anywhere near your water source or cooking area.

There is a lamp available for every location in your home, just take the time to choose the right design to reap the benefits in terms of additional lighting and added style to your living space.

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