What is the best way to conceal lamp cables to avoid tripping?

There are always going to be times in every home when we need to put a lamp in a place where there is no convenient electric socket. It happens all the time, you need some light in a dark corner of your room and there is no power source for you to use. In these instances you have to make the best of it and perhaps end up with a trailing lead. Unfortunately most of us live in houses that have limited electric sockets available and this makes a trailing cable or lead an obvious necessity whether we like it or not.

We all know how dangerous it can be to have live wires, cables or leads lying across floors or pathways whether indoors or outside. This is especially true if you have young children or perhaps elderly or infirm members in your household, it can be so easy to become tangled in a loose cable and trip over with a possibility of injury.

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That said there are times when it is probably wise to never have loose or trailing leads, anywhere that children play, like nurseries or playrooms or places that are well travelled like a hallway or places where elderly or infirm people have to walk. It is vital therefore that all trailing cables are secured and covered in some way to make them as safe and as out of the way as possible.

This can be achieved in several ways, perhaps by covering the cable with something like a rug or mat or using pieces of furniture to strategically cover the wire, preventing people walking in the wrong place.

Another option if your cable is long enough is to trail it around the room at the edge of the carpet or skirting board so that it is kept out of harms way. If your light fitting is to be in a permanent position you could even secure it with clips to make sure it is safe. It might be possible to use an extension lead to do this but be careful not to overload your power supply by plugging too many things in at any one time.

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If your lamp and its cable is going to be pretty much permanently in the same position then you could install some trunking or conduit so that your cables could be secured within, but this applies more to walls than floors although it is possible to use trunking around the edge of your room without it becoming too noticeable.

Outside the same principals apply. Trailing cables are dangerous and must be made safe. It might be an option to use solar power and so take the need for cables out of the equation all together. Remember that trailing electrical cables and wiring are dangerous and if in doubt then don’t do it. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

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