The Psychology of Breaking Bad Infographic

The differences between right and wrong can have a huge impact on our lives and how others view us. The choices we make for our interiors can also have an impact on how others view us a individuals; so are you making the right choices when it comes to your décor and furnishings? Are you aware of the psychology that is used for use of colour, patterns, placement of furniture and accessories?

We've taken a look at the homes of some of the main characters to provide an insight into the world of interior design using Breaking Bad as a spring board for the potential disasters people have with their décor and choice of furniture and furnishings.

Take a look at our infographic and you may see why some people view your decorating motif or colour pallet as a little 'odd' to say the least. Maybe you'll take a little more care when choosing your next colour scheme unless you want others to see you as an insane psychopath or think that your live is full of emptiness like Jesse's when you opt for a black and white minimalistic look.

The Psychology of Breaking Bad

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